Some powerful forces within and outside the Barrow administration are vigorously lobbying for Professor Muhammadou Kah to be rehired as Vice Chancellor of the University of The Gambia (UTG). Kah, who had a past history of having issues with his faculty staff, including the student body, is being groomed to bounce back at the UTG, as Vice Chancellor. His long years services with the UTG, was abruptly terminated during Jammeh’s rule amid an acrimonious relationship between Kah and the student body. Allegations of corruption and nepotism were rife during his stint at the UTG. Though, he has always maintained his innocence.

Abdoulaye Saine, a Mami University Political Science Professor, who has been volunteering at the UGT for the past eight months, was recently rumored as a potential UTG Vice Chancellor. Sources have it that Saine was among the list of candidates to be considered for the position of UTG Vice Chancellor. But it appears that Saine’s prospects of heading that University has been dashed away.

Saine is a tenured Professor at the Ohio based Mami University. He recently visited his native country, The Gambia, after many years of living in exile in the United States. He was among the diasporan dissidents barred from visiting his country by dictator Jammeh.

In The Gambia, government jobs are often secured by virtue of the individual’s political connections; family ties with the political players in the government and the political party that formed the majority in government.

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