I strongly feel, that the findings and recommendations concluded by the office of the ombudsman in regards to the SSHFC is not just objective but fair, and my respect and admiration to them has hit a new height.
The interesting thing about the report is that, It completely contradicts the heavily biased and political report submitted by a commission established by the government to look into the debacle of restlessness in that institution.
However, the reforms and austerity measures that Mr Manjang wants to implement is great and could cut spending severely, but then, he got to measurably stick being a precept and example by demonstrating an action which measure up to his vision.
He can’t just call for spending control and yet, absorb a vast portion of spending spree and so on. He got to stop those leakages and act on a fair target, if he is to succeed in his effort to transform SSHFC into an institution that will run under surplus to safeguard the welfare of the pensioners as opposed to under deficit which could impact the welfare of the pensioners.
Written By Samba P Jallow
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