I was home chilling on Monday evening, when my office landline rang. The call came in around 8:00 PM Eastern time. A voice of an inmate came through on my speaker phone. I was informed through a computer automated system that one Adam, wanted to speak to me, via collect call. I was given the option to dial one to accept the call or decline it. That the conversation between me and the caller was being recorded. I dialed one and heard a female voice. The caller asked if she was speaking to Pa Nderry and I answered in the affirmative. I then enquired as to who was on the line and she responded: “Is this Pa Nderry? I hope you are not on the radio?” I told her that I was not on air. She then went further to introduce herself to me, after we briefly exchanged greetings.

“This is Mamie Jallow. I am under Immigration detention. I have been held at a Georgia Immigration detention center for couple of months now. I was driving to North Carolina, when I got pulled over by the police. I was flagged over a domestic violence case that I was involved in with my former American husband in Alabama, twelve years ago. That my Green Card was revoked because of my past domestic violence charges. That I am under deportation,” she told me, in the local Gambian Wollof dialect.

Mamie Jallow is a native of Bakau. She said she was told that her Green Card was revoked because of her past domestic violence felony record.

Ms. Jallow said she was told by her attorney that the only way that she could prevent the US authorities from deporting her was to file an asylum. She is worried that she might be deported to her native country, The Gambia.

This Editor told her, that he is not an Immigration lawyer, and all questions relating to asylum should be directed at Ms. Jallow’s attorney, if she has one.

Ms. Jallow asked if the Freedom Newspaper had on its archives about a story it published in 2014, about Jammeh’s visit to the White House. Jammeh was hosted at the five-star Hay Adams hotel in Washington DC during that trip. Dissidents stormed his hotel, where protest marches were organized. Journalists Fatu Camara of the Fatu network was assaulted by Jammeh’s guards during that trip.

Our Editor maintains that she should talk to her lawyer. “Just talk to your lawyer. I think your best bet is to talk to your lawyer. As journalists, we should be impartial and independent in the way we discharge our duties. So, issues relating to asylum, you should talk to your lawyer. If you want to grant us an interview to explain your ordeal or whatever happen to you, we will listen to you,” Editor Mbai told her.

Ms. Jallow left her kids behind. She said she has been held for three months by ICE.

It appears that she didn’t know that she was being recorded from the other end by the FEDS. When she was informed that the call was being recorded, she then said, she was going to call us from a secured line on Wednesday, but this Editor told her unequivocally that he has nothing to hide, and she should direct her Immigration questions to an attorney.

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