The anti-crime unit of The Gambia police force has rearrested Ebrima Joof, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Joof is a resident of Bijilo. He was taken into custody on Tuesday. No reason was given for his re-arrest.

Mr. Joof has hired Attorney Gaye as his lawyer. His has been accused of obstructing traffic and threatening violence. He has denied the charges.

Mr. Joof was asked to report to the anti-crime unit station in Bijilo on Tuesday. He never returned home upon his arrival at the station.

Mr. Joof’s case has suffered numerous setbacks in court. The prosecution couldn’t gather witnesses to litigate its case. Joof is a victim of police persecution. He has been routinely harassed by Gorgi Mboob’s anti-crime unit team.


It should be noted that Joof was escorting his circumcised kid from the Beach side to his home in Bijilo, when he came under the attack of two anti-crime unit officers.

It would be recalled that the circumcised Bijilo babies narrowly escaped death on Sunday after a police officer attached to the anti-crime unit of The Gambia police force, reportedly sprayed them with a pepper spray—leaving the babies to be unconscious (passed out), the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. The incident happened around the “Kawsumai” junction, where the babies—age 2, and 5, respectively came under attack during an unprovoked altercation between the police officer and the babies’ parents.

This followed, a criminal complaint Joof filed at the Brusibi police station against two anti-crime unit officers.

While under police custody, Joof was also confronted by the police for exposing the assault story to the Freedom Newspaper. He was briefly detained and released on bail. He has been charged with threatening violence.

Joof being the complainant against the police, has now turned as an accused person. Both him and his son, together with the eleven year old “Kakurang” were allegedly assaulted by two officers of the anti-crime unit.

Joof and the two assaulted babies were referred to the Sukuta Health Center after filing the criminal complaint against the accused officers. The babies were treated and discharged.

The anti-crime unit has been accused of torture of detainees and in some occasions false imprisonment. Many Gambian youngsters held by the unit have complained about police brutality, excesses and torture.

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