The unabated Kombo Beach hotel staffers debacle with the management of the hotel, will soon be resolved. The owner of the hotel left London yesterday for Banjul, in an attempt to make sense of the rising tensions between the staff and management. The proprietor of the hotel, is supposed to meet with the staff today to hear their grievances against the management of the hotel.

Kombo Beach has been the scene of staff protest marches in recent weeks. Workers at the hotel, have lamented what they called “poor working conditions”, coupled with low salary. They have demanded for pay raise. They also want management to stop stalking them while at work. Staffers said management wouldn’t allow them to speak to the hotel guests.

The staff are also demanding for a new top management team for the operation of the hotel to continue. They have expressed their utter resentment against the current management of the hotel. The hotel’s MD has been accused of being dictatorial and lack of management skills to inspire workers.

Last week, the Kotu police had to intervene to help restore sanity at the hotel. The MD of the hotel, his management staff and the striking workers converged at the Kotu police, where workers laid down their demands.

The MD of the hotel, was heard saying that the workers demands were unreasonable. He said the hotel, was not that financially viable to increase salaries at this time.

A police officer, who was part of the mediation team, admonished the hotel MD, by telling him to be gentle in the way he handles the workers demands. The defiant MD stood his ground. He said the decision to increase salaries was beyond his control.

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