The anti-crime unit of The Gambia police force needs to be restraint before it will set this country on fire. There are rogue officers at that unit, who are taking the law into their own hands. They conduct illegal raids, illegal arrest, and in some occasions kidnapping of private Gambian citizens–willy-nilly.

A case in point, is poor Ebrima Joof of Bijilo. Mr. Joof is a victim of police persecution. He has a pending case at the courts. He is on bail, but notwithstanding, he is been routinely harassed by the police.

Joof was first a complainant. He had filed an assault case against the police and has now ended up being the accused person.

The office of the IGP has pressed charges against Joof. Though, the police are yet to poof its case against Joof. That case has been gathering dust at the courts. This is largely due to lack of evidence.

He has hired the services of lawyer Antouman Gaye. Gaye is a veteran Gambian lawyer. He wins majority of his cases in court. He is an outstanding lawyer.

Joof was called to report to the station on Tuesday and has since not returned home. His family, friends and neighbors are increasingly concerned about his well-being.

The man heading the anti-crime unit Gorrgi Mboob, has been implicated in the April 2000 students massacre. He was indicted by the Lartey Commission for having participated in the killing of the students. Mboob and his co indicted officers were later indemnified by dictator Jammeh. They were given a pass for taking part in the massacre of the unarmed student protesters.

Not long ago, Gorrgi Mboob, was interdicted (suspended) by the police, amid allegations that he was implicated in the theft of properties belonging to the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mboob was head of the police intervention unit (PIU) stationed at the State House at the time of the alleged theft. He was reinstated into the force and transferred to head the newly created anti-crime unit.

President Adama Barrow stands to be accused of abdication of duties as President of The Gambia, if he condones the excesses of the anti-crime unit. IGP Mamour Jobe will equally be held accountable if he fails to hold his men and women acting outside the dictates of the law accountable.

The rogue elements at that unit needs to be cautioned. They are overstepping their bounds.

The Gambia is not a police state. Days of kidnapping citizens, false imprisonment, detaining them beyond the 72 hours stipulated constitutional requirement and torture should be things of the past. Falsification of evidence to jail innocent folks, should also be a thing of the past.

Security reform should start with the anti-crime unit. That unit of the force is not law abiding at all. We rest our case!

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