President Adama Barrow’s number one supporter in the diaspora Alhagie Mustafa Faye, AKA Alikalagi, has finally met with his leader. Faye visited the State House in Banjul yesterday, where he met with Barrow. He was scheduled to meet with President Barrow. Faye has been residing in Sweden for the past two decades. He had a fruitful meeting with The Gambian leader.

Prior to meeting Mr. Barrow, he met with Henry Gomez, one of the Presidential advisers. He took photo ops with President Barrow. He also had similar photo ops with Presidential adviser Henry Gomez.

Mr. Faye has demonstrated his unquestionable support for President Barrow. This is evident on his Freedom Radio Gambia appearances, where he routinely defends the President’s agenda. He often praises Barrow saying that he is a good leader, who should be given a chance to deliver his developmental agenda for The Gambia.

This is the first time that Mr. Faye has ever met President Barrow. He is one of those advocating for Barrow to serve for five years as stipulated by the 1997 Constitution.

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