Ordering for the firing of Momodou Camara of the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation by Adama Barrow, was one of the biggest blunders he has ever made since he ascended to the Presidency. Adama Barrow has once again proven that he doesn’t know what he is doing. MD Manjang, who was cited by the Ombudsman for alleged theft of per diem allowances, abuse of office, among other ethical related issues, has been rewarded by Barrow with a reinstatement. A sad day for The Gambia!

Adama Barrow stands to be accused of interfering with the decision of the Ombudsman. Manjang should repay the money that he was ordered to pay by the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s report alone discredits Manjang’s future prospects of leading the SSHFC.

The Gambia, under Adama Barrow, is a banana republic. Corruption has reached an embarrassing proportion. Abuse of office, ethical malpractices, and nepotism are the order of the day.

Momodou Camara is a victim of Presidential power abuse. It is hypocritical for the powers that be to use Camara, as a sacrificial lamb to reinstate Manjang as an MD, who has lost the respect, trust, and admiration of his staffers.

Adama Barrow is dead wrong. He has no powers to order for the firing of Camara in the first place. He never appointed Camara. Camara was appointed by the Board of the SSHFC. Since The Gambia is a banana republic, Barrow can meddle into issues that he has no business to meddle with in the first place.

The SSHFC staffers should not abandon their fired colleague Momodou Camara. Camara got fired because of his refusal to budge to the mafias efforts to legitimize corruption at the SSHFC. He has defied Manjang’s backers and the status quo to standby you.

To Momodou Camara, exercise your rights under the constitution to challenge Adama Barrow’s illegal and unconstitutional move to order for your firing. Barrow needs to be restraint. He is acting outside the dictates of the law. We rest our case!

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