President Adama Barrow’s handpicked Commander of the newly created infamous anti-crime unit force Superintendent Gorgi Mboob, was indicted by the Lartey Commission for taking part in the gunning down of Gambia’s unarmed student protesters back in April of 2000.  Fourteen unarmed students were killed by the security forces, while dozen others were critically injured during that unrest. Some of the injured students are yet to fully recover from the gunshot wounds they suffered in the hands of Jammeh’s trigger happy soldiers and paramilitary officers.

The anti-crime unit was created in the aftermath of Jammeh’s fall from power. Mboob, who used to head the PIU unit at the State House, following the change of Government in December of 2016, was interdicted by the police for allegedly stealing properties belonging to the exiled dictator. This followed, allegations that he was involved in the alleged theft of dictator Jammeh’s properties that were left behind at the State House. He was suspended, while the police open an investigation into the matter.

Mboob was reportedly cleared from that case and was reinstated. Police sources have it that the officer Gorigi Mboob, has implicated certain top officers of the force, including some close aides of President Barrow, during the probe, which suddenly resulted to the suspension of the police probe.

He was immediately yanked out from the State House and transferred to head the anti-crime unit, formerly known as the “Operation Bulldozer unit” under Jammeh’s rule. That unit was reputed to be carrying out heinous crimes during Jammeh’s tyrannical rule.

The advent of the anti-crime unit has given birth to rule of fear and impunity in The Gambia. Rapper Killa Ace, AKA Ali Cham, and Ebrima Joof, a Bijilo father, are the latest victims of that brutal force. The unit has been accused of mistreatment of detainees and in some occasions false imprisonment of citizens.

In our today edition, we here by reproduce the findings of the Lartey Commission on Gorgi Mboob’s complicity to the April 10th 2000 student massacre. Please read on..



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