Another disturbing corruption allegation has emerged in Barrow’s seemingly failed regime. Despite Gambia’s abject poverty, coupled with lack of basic healthcare for its citizens, the regime is now engaged in wasteful spending and misplaced priorities. A questionable medical bill transaction involving the former Managing Director of The Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Mamburay Njie, has been unveiled. Mr. Njie is a subject of investigation by the Janneh Commission. He was dictator Jammeh’s Finance Minister. He traveled to Dakar, Senegal on May 31st to seek medical treatment. The GNPC spent D 202, 500.00 for Njie’s teeth to be aligned. Keep in mind that thousands of Gambians are dying yearly due to lack of medical fees. But Mamburay Njie, the new darling of Gambia’s rookie President Adam Barrow, is enjoying free medical services. Mr. Njie made a request to GNPC for the company to reimburse him for his medical expenses during that trip to Dakar, shortly after he was appointed Finance Minister by Adama Barrow. He claimed to have spent CFA 86,000 from his pocket during his first visit to the Dakar based Dental clinic. He was refunded the funds he purportedly spent from his pocket, per the letter below issued by Mrs. Asiatou Jallow, an official of the GNPC. 

“I am requesting for approval to effect payment of CFA 2,250,000 to Cabinet Dentaire Smile. Due to the lack of Orthodontic Specialist in The Gambia, Mr. Mamburay Njie was referred to Dr. Awa Niang Sarr of Cabinet Dentaire Smile in Senegal for his Bruxism and periodontitis treatment,” said Mrs. Asiatou Jallow, Credit Control, Budget and Risk Management at the GNPC.

In a letter addressed to the Deputy Managing Director, Mrs. Jallow said: “ During his first visit on May 31st, he paid CFA 86,000 for his consultation and medical examination fees and as per the medical policy he should be refunded 100% of the said amount. Attached is the receipt of payment for refund and the clinic’s invoice for payment.”

Below is a write up, we received from a group of Civil Servants, committed to exposing corruption in Barrow’s government. Please read on..



Dear Pa,

Find attached medical papers and approved memo for the refund of CFA 2, 250, 000 (Two million two hundred and fifty thousand CFA) equivalent to D 202, 500.00 for Mambury Njie who was the MD of Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) before his appointment as finance minister. If you take a close look at the dates on the documents, they were all after he was appointed as minister.

These documents raised some serious administrative lapses at the GNPC:

1) The documents were addressed to the Deputy MD who gave approval without refering the matter to the GNPC for final approval.

2) Going to fix teeth bracing all the way to a clinic in Dakar only to make his teeth straight is a blatant misuse of taxpayers’ money when one of the low-ranking staff was denied much-needed overseas treatment for heart surgery

3) Even as finance minister, Mambury Njie is still running the affairs of the GNPC through his hand-picked Ag. Managing Director when GNPC has its own minister of Energy

4) The bill from the dentist in Dakar is so vague that it can be seriously questioned by any auditor worthy of his salt not to mention passing it for payment without any due diligence.

The only way we can fight corruption in this country is to be vigilant and ready to expose it anywhere and everywhere by all means necessary.

Gambians are delighted that the Freedom Newspaper is the only medium we can use to expose corruption.

Keep it up and thank you for the good job Mr. Mbai

Written By Team Of Government Workers Against Corruption

Translation of the highly technical letter from Dr. Sierre Njie of Sagamarr Dental Clinic referring Hon. Minister Mambury Njie Dr. Awa Niang Sarr of Smile Cabinet Dentaire in Dakar, Senegal.

Line 1, para.2  Orthodontic Treatment

Grinding of the teeth, typically during sleeping

Line 2, para.2 Mandibular teeth are markedly malposition

These refer to those teeth in front of the mouth- the incisors and canine teeth.

Line 3, para.3  Axial inclination

This mean biting of the teeth.

Line 3, para.3 In need of orthodontic treatment

Bracing of the teeth to keep it straight

All what this letter is saying is that Mambury Njie’s front teeth needed to be straightened with bracing and this type of treatment is not available in the Gambia. So Dr. Sierre Njie is referring him to Dakar.

What a sophisticated fraud?

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