Gambia’s transition period from dictatorship to democratic rule has been derailed—thanks to Mr. Barrow’s penchant thirst for power and material world. He is to be blamed for the disintegration of the Coalition government. He has used his Executive Powers to elbow out some of the key prominent leaders of the Coalition government just for the sake of political expediency.

Now, he has turned onto the United Democratic Party (UDP)—the party that has propelled him into the Presidency, with the help of other opposition parties that forms the then Coalition government. His quest is to take over the UDP and he is succeeding.

UDP should blame itself for encouraging Barrow to walk out of the three-year transition period he earlier promised to The Gambian nation. If Ousainou Darboe, had not lend his support for Barrow’s five-year term, there wouldn’t be a situation in which Barrow will use the transition to consolidate himself in power. FACT!!!

Mr. Darboe meant well when he defended Barrow’s constitutional mandate to govern for five years, but little did Darboe knew that Barrow’s goal was to take over the UDP and ultimately usher in a Mangkamang-Kunda power dynasty. This is evident on some of the structures he has already cultivated in the name of empowering the UDP, but in real sense, Barrow is building a power base.

There are two possible scenarios that are likely going to happen: If Barrow is not embraced by the UDP, as the party’s leader and flag bearer, he will walk out of the party with a greater chunk of supporters to form his own party. Two, If Barrow forms his own party, the UDP will go back to opposition activism. And that’s not good for a party that has fought so hard to end Jammeh’s decade long tyrannical rule.

Barrow is a thorn in the flesh on the UDP Party. As argued by Lawyer Almami Taal, Barrow’s Presidency, has led to the growing disunity within the onetime organized and united UDP party. Though, Taal was wrong to blame the Coalition government for the party’s current power struggle. Adama Barrow’s power greed is partly responsible for the current UDP predicament. Had been that Barrow was operating with the Coalition agenda, we will not be talking about Barrow’s possible fallout with the UDP. Darboe too should be blamed for encouraging Barrow to walkout from the Coalition three years agenda. He underestimated Barrow from the word go; and now he is beginning to realize the threat Barrow poses to the existence of the UDP.

UDP is in a funny position. The party’s hands are tight. It cannot expel Adama Barrow for his disruptive conduct because Barrow is not a registered member of the party. He resigned and contested the election as an Independent President.

Notwithstanding, Barrow’s lack of active membership with the UDP, never stopped him from pursuing his power consolidation ambition. He is using the UDP as a “smokescreen” to further consolidate his base. FACT!!

For Ousinanou Darboe to maintain his respect and safeguard his much-earned political legacy, he should consider resigning, before Barrow will send him packing. Resigning from the government, will to some degree, help salvage the UDP from Barrow’s quest to extend his base by using the party.

Mr. Darboe will also win the respect and admiration of Gambians and the world at large by refusing to be associated with the ongoing political drama and treachery being cooked at Barrow’s State House. He should reflect on our thoughts. We rest our case.

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