Hi Mr. Mbai,

I am here in the Gambia writing to inform you about the lack of water in the Gambia. l live in KERR SERIGN and the lack of water here and many other places is killing the people slowly. We can go without electricity but not water!! Water is a basic necessity for all human beings.

Every day, they NAWEC closes the water from 7 am till 1 am but, this time is too much! We didn’t see a drop of water for a week now. People are really tired and suffering, too much corruption and nepotism in the Gambia government. The prices are skyrocketing.

Institutions like G.R.A, G.P.A, S.S.H.F.C and the airport…. etc the corruption in these places is endemic. Pa, could you please talk about it or at least highlight these issues on your newspaper so that, people here will know what is going on in the Gambia. Thanks.


Modou Touray

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