Sabotage of Government properties in any form is wrong and should be condemned. We strongly condemn the recent vandalization of the Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation Internet Cable. It is a bad precedence.

Since the matter is under police investigations, we will refrain from apportioning blame for now. We are waiting for the outcome of the police investigations.

Our findings have revealed that the destruction of the SSHFC Internet Cable was an inside job. There are folks bent on perpetrating workplace violence for reasons best known to them.

The people associated with the incident should know that such a dastardly act is ungodly and it amounts to work place sabotage. Stop it!

The incident happened in the wake of the staffers sit down strike. Some staffers of the Corporation have been questioned and released by the police in connection with the cable vandalism case.

It is our contention that such a disruptive conduct has no place in our new-Found Democracy. Public institutions should be protected. Disagreements at the workplace shouldn’t warrant such a terrorist behavior.

Workplace sabotage and violence are now becoming a routine thing nowadays in The Gambia. A similar thing was reported at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital recently. Some disgruntled staffers, who are said to be unhappy with the management’s austerity measures to control waste and corruption at the hospital, allegedly resorted to damaging the CT Scan machine. That’s the only available CT Scan in that hospital.

The National Water and Electricity Company also recently suffered attacks on its borehole installations around Brikama. Water pipes were vandalized. One suspect was taken into custody amid weeks of efforts to bust the people behind the incident.

The Government should set an example on folks bent on sabotaging the system. One’s opposition to a given regime, doesn’t give him or her, the license to engage in an internal sabotage. Be forewarned! Stop the sabotage.

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