Two years ago today, the freedom activists in the diaspora and The Coalition 2016 campaign had done their part of convincing Gambian voters to take our fight to the finish line. We NERVOUSLY sat back and waited…..because we were uncertain about our message resonating with the Gambians – we were vulnerable. Our work was done and the baton was passed on to the electorate. The voters believed our message and the rest is history. Yes, I know that NO SINGLE PERSON CAN TAKE CREDIT for the efforts to end dictatorship in The Gambia but for me, I will forever be indebted to the Gambian electorate who sealed the deal that stopped Yahya Jammeh’s reign of terror and mayhem. Our situation was unique because we all fought as one. Religion was not part of our success, our individual statuses, wealth, popularity didn’t make us stand out — we ALL stood out as one Gambia, one nation, united by our zeal to bring back The Smiling Coast of Africa!

On this day two years ago, Gambians who lost loved ones were not afraid to OPENLY MOURN relatives. On this day two years ago, Gambians who feared to be maimed, disappeared, killed, tortured and unfairly jailed by Yahya Jammeh were able to sleep at night. Gambians didn’t feel scared anymore when they saw a tinted car or heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Freedom has come, free at last, free at last!

Fast forward two years later, Adama Barrow’s Government, the vehicle for change, seems to drag it’s feet when it comes to caring for the victims. We concur that Yahya Jammeh is the one who committed the crimes against Gambians, but Adama Barrow KNEW that he was inheriting a presidency that must deal with the pain and suffering of Gambians. Instead of focusing on PROVIDING TREATMENT for the victims, they are being ignored while Barrow continues to enrich himself, and look for a continued stay. MONETARY COMPENSATION IS A SECONDARY MATTER FOR VICTIMS!!! Fellow Gambians, if you have a physical or psychological wound that needs to be healed, will money take care of that??? No! YOU GET A TOOTHACHE FOR TWO DAYS, AND YOU WILL RUN TO THE DOCTOR! Many of the victims of Jammeh have been suffering for a long time (April 10/11 victims – 18 years!) and need urgent attention. THE FIRST LADY OF THE GAMBIA has a foundation that is taking care of other people, but has not sent the victims for treatment. MANY OF THE VICTIMS OF JAMMEH ARE GAMBIAN WHO STOOD UP FOR INJUSTICE!!! They need to be appreciated and respected for risking their lives!

President Barrow, do the right thing and provide medical and psychological treatment to the victims who have been wronged by the government you inherited. Yahya Jammeh is gone, and the buck stops with you.

Written By Tukulorr Sey

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