Gambia: The Power Struggle at The GNPC- Yaya Barrow Appointed MD; Energy and Petroleum Minister Suffered A Stroke; Mambureh’s Hand-Picked MD Relegated


Dear Mbai,

It seems the power struggle at the GNPC is showing no signs of abating. Just when Ida Auber, Mambureh Njie’s hand-picked successor, was about to be confirmed as MD having served at that position for a little over five months, came news of the appointment of Yaya Barrow (no relations to President Barrow) as the new Managing Director of the Petroleum corporation. Yaya has no background in the oil and petroleum industry. His only credentials for this job is the huge contributions he has been making to the UDP party when he was on international appointment with Standard Bank.

Although no relations with Adama Barrow, he is matrimonially connected with the present Secretary General, Ebrima Camara. There two wives are sisters- another evidence of nepotism in this government.

Meantime, the Minster of Energy and Petroluem, Fafa Sanyang is reportedly suffering from a serious stroke. He has not been seen in public for quite some time and government is not sharing this information with the public. It is government’s responsibility to inform the public when public figures are seriously sick. We wish him speedy recovery!

Pa, while you are at liberty to confirm this story, nonetheless it is in the public interest to know what is happening at the Energy and Petroleum ministry. It seems tribalism and nepotism are at work here. There are competent Gambians with the right skills and qualifications to head that institutions. No wonder we keep being disappointed with no oil prospects for Gambia having spent huge amount of resources and still training Gambians overseas in preparation for the oil.

How bad can this be?

Written By Morr Gaye

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