By Lamin Sanyang

Now commissions of inquiry have become political and executive instruments to divert blame. The commission of inquiry for Farabanta incident has been restricted by the president.  The terms of reference for inquiry are – who did the shooting, who order the shooting and circumstances leading to the shooting. The commission should have been given the task to determine political liability or political misbehavior and not only to determine criminal behavior of the police and NEA. Which means taking an overall view of the behvavior of politicians at the executive level.

What was the political conduct of the minister of interior, the president, IGP etc in Farabanta. All forms of government activity that led to the shooting should have been investigated.

No one in his right mind would think that AK47 firearms usually use for war situation would be issued and used by PIU without the knowledge and consent of the executive. The PIU were having these weapons for a month. Even countries were police are independent, the executives have to be informed. There is sufficient probability that the president and minister knew the presence of PIU in Faraba to protect a business man. The statements contained in the report are limited in scope because constitutional provisions provides indemnity  for the president. It is obvious that  the report and recommendations of the commission only criminalised junior officers. But why did they issue them AK47 and what was the instructions? it’s self defence against who? Is the minister or president aware of 6 months Farabanta conflict?

The inquiry also indicates lack of ministerial responsibility for decisions taken by various agencies and departments. It clearly shows that geology unit and NEA are not in contact with permanent secretaries and ministers in conflict situations. The minister of justices said the PIU officers acted without command, but why issue them with AK47? The PIU were going for war without informing the minister and IGP? Such firearms are not meant for riot control.

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