Political sycophancy that characterised Yaya Jammeh’s diabolical rule is being resurrected in the new Gambia. We all fought to usher in an era of justice, dignity and constitutionality so that Gambians can exercise their democratic rights without fear and favor, should not be compromised.

Recently there has been some arrest that in many ways appears to be politically agitated and in most cases, it was triggered by people associated with Barrow Youth Movement. The case of Buba Touray and another man in Jarra Soma who was arrested for insulting the chief are poignant.

Barrow started very well, with rule of law being clearly upheld by the security forces and all appendages of state apparatus. We all salute this development and it gave us hope that the rays of dawn of a new Gambia we fought for, is emerging on the horizon of Yaya’s dictatorial rule.

However recent development in the GAMBIA is triggering some fear that Barrow regime is beginning to see political decent as inimical to his political aspirations and is starting to unleash State security apparatus especially the polish to squash decent.

A case in hand is Lamin Jammeh of Niumi Jurunku.

There are reports that our eminent brethren, Alhagie Jammeh from Jurunkua (a UDP militant) has been invited by Bunbung Police to answer to complaints lodged by Dou Sanno for asking him to explain how he (You Sanno) helped UDP to win Upper Niumi for the UDP in the last chairmanship elections.

DOU SANO first boasted in his interview with Pa Modou Bojang after the UDP fracas in Brikama. He claimed that he helped the UDP to win the chairmanship elections by some ingenious tactics of his and UDP should be grateful because that was a testimony to his loyalty, that did not go well with members of UDP upper Niumi Forum.

Lamin Jammeh who is legal person ask Dou Sanno in a very friendly way as evidenced in the audio to explain how his political prowess helped upper Niumi to win the said election when they lost to Mama Kandeh in the presidential election and in the councillorship elections.

Dou in another ugly development was heard advocating violence to suppress political decent. Boasting that for a president to establish himself and enjoy power, he must use brute force. If the said audio is authentic then we might be seeing thuggish behaviour and use of force to suppress political activist especially UDP.

I hope Barrow will learn from the fate of Yaya Jammeh and his enablers like Baba Jobe and.

l hope will investigate this incident and many others to let sanity prevail.

Barrow overtly seem to be a nice guy but people around him are starting to develop a thuggish behaviour that blighted the record of Yaya Jammeh.

Folks the ugly injustice and arbitrary detention of innocent Gambia for political reasons under the diabolical dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh is being re-enacted under Barrow. Unscrupulous politicians in the form of Dou Sanno have started to terrorize Gambian for their political preference and the police seem to be once again assisting the thuggish behaviour of presidential sycophants in disdain for democratic norms. What has the police got to do with personal political arguments.

Yaya Jammeh was awfully hated because of the act of sycophants like Baba Jobe, culminating in anger and frustration that eventually galvanised the momentum that ousted him, the stage is being for a similar anger to mature and trigger the fall of Barrow.

If Dou Sanno and his cohorts think they can terrorise Gambians like Green boys did, they are in for rude awakening because we shall fight them up to the moon.

Lamin Darboe


Editors note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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