Former junta Army Captain and Vice Chairman Edward Singhateh, if you are reading us this morning, do you remember where this picture was taken? Do you remember the year? It is been about two decades, when the picture was taken. It is been a while. So, we will refresh your mind. Let us take you to the memory lane.

You remember when you visited the State House to check on the former First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh, back in 1998? Former Council Chairman Yahya Jammeh had traveled to Turkey at the time.

Ex-Lieutenant Landing Sanneh, AKA Limbo, was the Commander of the State Guard at the material time. Mr. Sanneh received an order from Jammeh that he shouldn’t allow you to have access to the First Lady, while he was away from the country.

The Guards at the main gate sentry let you into the property. Sanneh then asked the guards assigned to the First Lady to disarm and escort you out of the building. He was acting on an order from his boss Jammeh.

The First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh wasn’t happy about the way you were treated by the guards. This is evident on the picture below. She appears sad and shocked.

Notwithstanding, her emotions of empathy towards you, never stopped bodyguards such as Pateh Bah and co not from escorting you out of the building. You left the State House with rage, and utter disappointment.

Jammeh was on the phone with Sanneh during this time. He never trusted you around his wife. Your relationship with Jammeh started to deteriorate since then.

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