GAMBIA: A President “Mansa” cannot effectively rule unless he introduces beating; torture-A Leaked Whatsapp Audio Featuring Dodou Sannoh And President Barrow Reveals!


Gambian President Adama Barrow has been secretly recorded by people close to him. In a leaked whatsapp audio going around on social media, a voice that resembles Dodou Sannoh’s voice, a close aide of Mr. Barrow and Youth Adviser to the Head of State, could be allegedly heard telling Mr. Barrow that he needs to man up and start dealing with disruptive elements in the country. Sannoh, who was speaking in the local Mandinka dialect said for the President to effectively rule The Gambia, he must introduce beating as a form of maintaining sanity in the country.

“A President “Mansa” cannot effectively rule unless he introduces beating; torture. Even at the home level, some parents resort to beating in order to maintain decorum in their homes. Some people must be beaten at the home level in order to restore sanity and decorum,” he remarked.

President Barrow was in agreement with Sannoh. He supported Sannoh’s preposition of introducing beating to maintain a firm grip of the nation. His predecessor dictator Jammeh was known for such gross human rights violations.

“What you are saying is the truth. That is the truth. Woo Leemu Toyanya Tee,” Barrow said in the Mandinka dialect.

It appears Mr. Barrow was having a private conversation with his aides, when he was secretly recorded. The 14 second whatsapp audio was forwarded to us by a Gambian on the ground.

The State House is now becoming a late night and weekend gossiping ground. Mr. Barrow openly socialized with his aides and visitors.

They spent a lot of time drinking the local Gambian brew, China green tea and eating lamb barbecue. It is during these moments that they will run their mouth loosely.

It is not clear who is behind the secret recording, but this should serve as a wake up call to Mr. Barrow that there are phony people around him.

The State House could not be reached for comment to confirm the authenticity of the audio.

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