As of April 9th, 2009, Mamburay Njie’s loan portfolio at the Social Security, and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) stood at D2,727,028.00 dalasis, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The interest rate attached to his loan facility was pegged at 0.15 percent. Per the loan document, it would take Njie fifteen years to pay up his loan at the Social Security.

The loan facility in question represents a house Mr. Njie has built at the SSHFC Phase Extension LOT D. It cost him D3,547,028.00 to build that luxurious house, per the loan documents in possession of the Freedom Newspaper.

Mamburay Njie served as Social Security Managing Director during Jammeh’s rule. He also served as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, and Foreign Minister respectively before he was sacked by the exiled dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Per the loan agreement Mamburay Njie, has committed himself to paying a monthly installment of D36,167,13 to the Corporation as part of a payment plan, he reached with the Corporation. His initial deposit was D920,000.00.

Mamburay Njie got hired Finance Minister on June 29th 2018, following a cabinet reshuffle made by President Adama Barrow. He replaced Amadou Sanneh, who was redeployed to the Trade Ministry. Njie was the Managing Director of The Gambian National Petroleum Company (GNPC) prior to hm joining Barrow’s cabinet.

Four months into his appointment as Finance Minister, Njie was able to make a substantial payment of D500,000.00 to his loan facility at the Social Security. His monthly salary as Finance Minister is not more than D50,000 dalasis. Perhaps, per diem travel allowances might have aided him to be able to make such a huge payment.

Mr. Njie got fired as Jammeh’s Foreign Minister in 2012. He was later taken to court on charges of negligence of duties. Njie has since been out of work, until his appointment as GNPC Managing Director by President Barrow.

He spent some years in Dakar, Senegal, after escaping from the hands of dictator Jammeh’s bully NIA operatives. During the course of his detention in prison, Njie was hospitalized following ailing health condition. He later absconded to neighbouring Senegal.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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Below is Mamuburay Njie’s loan facility at the Social Security.


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