Gambia: Presidential Executive Order Has Been Issued Ordering The 136, 000 Metric Tons of Japanese Rice Not To Be Delivered!


Dear Pa,

The 136, 000 metric tons of rice donated by the Japanese government and ready to be sold to Gambians. The rice has arrived and are now under the custody of the Police.  Sometime ago an announcement was made in the local media inviting bids from the public to distribute and sell the rice throughout the country which tender was surreptitiously awarded to a Mauritanian by the name of Da Faal. Well! it now emerges that a Presidential Executive Order has been released stopping the delivery of the rice to the Mauritanian businessman just when he was about to take the consignment from the Ports of Banjul after going through the necessary Customs paperwork.

The guy is now claiming that he has already spent millions in Customs clearance through his agent, paid handsomely in bribes to top officials in charge of the rice, and just hired more than 15 long- trucks at the Ports to transport the rice through the length and breadth of the country. He has visited offices of the Agriculture ministry which did the tender, and some other ministers including the VP Darbo, but none of these people are now ready to stick their necks out for him. The desperate businessman has now been advised to seek legal measures and sue the Government.

It seems the story you ran on the Japanese rice is having an effect and necessitated the intervention of President Barrow to suspend delivery. We will continue to monitor this development.


#Civil Servants United Against Graft and Corruption in Government

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