In response to Seedy Njie’s counter statement against GDC Press Statement
I had not wanted to write back because Seedy Njie does not represent anything good in Gambia and every Gambian can attest to that. He has lost dignity and respect due to his greedy attitude and power hungry.
However, I wish to give a personal response to Seedy Njie.  He has heaped praises on former president Yahya Jammeh to whom he had earlier claimed loyalty only for his selfish interest and now he has turn eyes onto President Barrow. Seedy is drumming for Barrow and his government only because of his self interest, especially now that he has become jobless since the departure of his former boss.
Seedy will kiss every government that comes and even the next government after Barrow’s term expires, mark it from today. Even if GDC forms the next government, Seedy Njie will switch allegiance and join us because of his greed for power and job but not for Gambia’s interest. He has challenged Barrow in the open during the impasse and now he has regretted it all and is doing everything possible to cover up his dirty deeds in the past against this same government he is defending today. What a greedy fellow is this useless and irrelevant politician?
When will Gambian leaders snub such pessimists and greedy politicans who are only there for self interest instead of national interest?
Coming back to the points raised by Seedy Njie in his attempt  to discredit our party’s statement against his boss’s remarks, first I will say Seedy has lost the reputation and credibility that a genuine Gambia needs to have to say things the every sensible Gambian can hear and absorb. He is very irrelevant and has no voice in this country. He has no idea about the seriousness of Barrow’s statement and cannot defend him in any way.
Gambians should ask Barrow what relevance does his statement have on us at this moment and why should he utter such a statement in the first place? He could have avoided such and talk about his government’s development plans and solutions to current burning issues in the country.
If Barrow does not want to be criticized then he should not talk about certain sensitive  issues that could spark public debates and raise concerns as to what he is insinuating.
Secondly, we expect the Presidency to clear the doubt for Gambians instead of using people like Seedy Njie who are no longer trustworthy and does not have any responsibility to respond in such an arrogant manner.
Seedy should try to correct his grammar in his so-called scanty statement first before countering a highly respectable party like GDC. His arguments are all lies and nothing empty lies just to satisfy the Presidency but he has failed.
Gambians are not sleeping. Nobody can fool us and we will never allow anyone to take us back to the days of dictatorship. The trend President Barrow is taking these days is very scary  and each time he talks in public, he makes serious mistakes that spark a lot of debate in the country. It is high that Barrow double-checks himself as a president of a nation that is struggling with its new found democracy.
As far as I know, the GDC will always hold government accountable in any issue of national interest, no matter what. If Seedy Njie wants to become a government griot, then let him get ready for more counter reactions because the GDC is here to empower Gambians and we shall continue to criticize constructively in the interest of Gambians.
One simple question I want to ask President Barrow’s self-appointed griot Seedy Njie,  is that, some activists have always criticized Barrow but you never respond to them, so why are you interested in going against the GDC’s statement? You have a hidden agenda but you have failed and will continue to fail woefully.
MC Cham Jnr.
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