Gambia: A Quick Note To Yanks Darboe: Re: uncle Ousainou Darboe’s claim about the 3 years agreement


A Quick Note To Yanks Darboe: Re: uncle Ousainou Darboe’s claim about the 3 years agreement isn’t an issue needing constitutional interpretation but rather the use of common sense despite its uncommonality.

I’ve read with profound disappointment but not surprise of your swift change in position about the 3 years coalition 2016 agreement and your already failed attempt to sandwich the infamous claims made by uncle Darboe and his willingness to challenge any in court should Barrow be pursued to honour the promise he voluntarily made to Gambians and the world.

First, I was disappointed because it is the least I and every other conscious Gambian and non-gambian alike would have expected from one of society’s professional “problem solvers” (respectfully borrowing the well-coined words of my learned friend, brother and counsel – Baboucarr Drammeh) as the celebrated “leading human rights” lawyer you are being tagged of which ironically is repulsive of this deceitful and confusional position you adopted as means of further misleading some of your already gullible followers on and offline in your pursuit of achieving your selfish political wishes against the greater good of our dear nation.

However, I am not surprised because I know for a fact that Gambians (mainly the educated) are the rarest of human breed on earth when it comes to the advancement of falsehood to propel one’s individual interest as clearly illustrated by your quick change of position from your July 29th, 2017 Facebook post to the recent Dec. 3rd, 2018 one about the 3 years coalition agreement.

This therefore warrants the asking of a few questions for the purpose of clarity and they are:

Why did it take you almost a year to notice and attempt to correct the “misinterpretation” of uncle Darboe’s claim?

Do you still stand by your July 29th, 2017 Facebook post?

And if you do as to the immediate question asked above, why do you now believe that Barrow should kill to honour the 3 years agreement (borrowing your words) particularly at a time he has reached the plateau of his political ambition?

What must have led you to settling down for your recent position if honouring the agreement is moral but not legal (your words)?

And finally, do you agree with uncle Darboe that people (leaders) are elected based on laws and not morals?

Kindly get me informed whenever you get answers to the above questions and as well willing for an open debate on a neutral online medium about your recent change of position regarding the 3 years agreement.

To conclude, I would humbly like to say to the readership that naivety shouldn’t be a commodity in The Gambian market if we truly meant and desire for national progress.

Yours in nation building,

Muhamméd Tëks Tékanyi

PS: I purposely write this note as a caution for the majority less-informed Gambians as the misleading article of Yanks Darboe is already on circulation to confuse many more people.

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