The hope of one’s life mostly resides in the best (s) of his/her friends but the success of one invariably if not all times are tapped from those whom he/she looks up to. Today many young people are inspired by great men of Africa most of whom today are humbled under the earth as dust and bones. But however great men never die, even though they are not physically occupying or moving about the grains of sands with us but they still left behind something that the world could look up to, learn from and even live by, this has clearly manifested that great men never die for they still live with us hence we cannot erase them from our minds through the good deed and the legacy they left behind.

As this day and time marks, we have them emerged as many of whom are drawing closer to their graves. These great people of our time have shaped the minds of many young people by inspiring, educating and shaping them for the best of their future. These people cannot be left “unthanked”, eulogized or commended for their tireless efforts. I am not eulogizing anyone, for I am no one’s griot but I am only trying to be honest, loyal and express my feelings of grudge-free. Knowing fully well that peoples in the persons of Halifa Sallah, Foday Baldeh, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, Rohey Samba, Fatou Camara, Seedia Jatta, Sam Sarr,  Hassoum Ceesay, Michael Hamady Secka, Madi Jobarteh etc including those I could not mention, have tried to make this world a better place for all.

In modern days, we have found many of these people in the best of their state of devotion to rendering their utmost services to the world through the young ones of the nation. having known that someday near about in the future, they shall take charge in transforming the minds of other generations born or yet unborn so they could also take up the mantle to begin from where they stop. In all these, has expressed the science of intelligence, cautiousness and an indomitable cognizance in the minds of mentees and admirers. The scope of our lives would have been far too narrower if we only believe and accept as true only that which we can see, hear, or do. But it has not given us a limited faculty of thought, for we’d always think beyond the words given and scale them on the best of our conscience.

Many people have succeeded without mentors or role models but they are still excelling but many people to have succeeded today because they’ve observed studied and scrutinize the lives of those whom they admire as mentors and role models and decided to follow if not fully to become as successful as they were. People that looked up to others do have high regards for them for they live a life that indulges their social, academic, cultural and political livelihood. But will the younger generation ever take the stance that their mentors took to change the narrative of their country, continent and the world at large? This remains a significant question which still underlies the minds of the most conscious which must not remain unanswered in practice.

The role of a mentor is to instill in the mind of his/her mentee a high sense of discipline, knowledge, awareness, consciousness, patriotism and above all a sense of responsibility. These would, by all means, help to elevate the standard of all beings irrespective of our social, political, economic, cultural, racial and ethnolinguistic backgrounds for the knowledge and ethics gained should be transformed in the best positive ways.

As matters arise, time elapses and breathes end, the expectations in return of every outstanding mentee must take up charges in transforming the benefits gained from mentors to generations in existence and those yet unborn for a greater world. This must be a challenge, for admiring the way of life of one must have been rooted from his/her intellectual honesty coupled with his/her services for the interest of a nation they’d been thriving to salvage from all sorts of dishonesty and injustice.

It is the responsibility of the mentees to begin from where mentors have stopped so as to keep the trend in continuity. At this moment it is evident that the world is in an independent transition of our own individual will and desires but the mantle to take charge in the transformation of the world lies within a single baton held in two ends. We must also understand that once trust, confidence, and hope is bestowed upon you as a mentee you should be one of the front lines of the force of our area of specialization. The basic fundamentals of humanity are to render service to humankind in order to meet the purpose of absolute humanitarianism.

Friends and I….. there begins our best of moments when we laugh, cheek-by-jowl, have fun together, share stories of heart-bleed, afflictions, and joy together. Anywhere in the gathering of friends, they share with each other the height of dreams. But the best of dreams good friends could ever share is “advice” for advice is a dream that every friend would like his/her mate to dwell and succeed in it as inculcated, for we have a greater role to play within social, and both in and outside curricular and extracurricular activities. It has not been the same since inception and that we wish to continue so long as we have national issues to resolve as situations unfold.

Mind you, this doesn’t stop our friendship, it doesn’t create for us a limited time to see, show love and care for each other, it only direct us through the right path as responsible friends willing to put national duty first before any other pleasure is considered. The moment when party and work should be at its peak is yet to begin, as many believed that hard work in continuity without leisure time for self, makes no sense. We must hold, cherish, love and admire each other for a mutual relationship to coexist between us. Knowing the kind of friends we are, I am contented but this I am sharing out to in the persons of Muhammed Lamin Dibba, Satang Dumbuya, Kemo Conteh, Omar Saibo Camara, Buba Sanna Njie, Jainaba Bah Jammeh, Abdou Jammeh, Saikou Suwareh Jabai, Mariama Yusu Danso, Isatou Jallow, Omar Dibba, Omar Cham, ML Jatta, Kemo Phatty, Ousman Kanteh, ML Fatty etc including those I couldn’t mention. I’ve known you all for a very long or short time in the personalities of intellectual, independent, original, astounding, humorous, humanistic, likable, responsive, moderate, brilliant, intuitive, resourceful, munificent, and tolerant.

In these personalities, gives the highest of challenges in setting out a good code of conduct in the realm of national development. I have high regards for all of you which shall persist to be in progress for eternity. We have a role to play, educated or not it is our responsibility as responsible citizens to fasten the government and the state as well as the state and the people for a smooth, transparent and justice to cover the spheres of our social, cultural, political economic and ecological atmosphere. It is our duty to make this country, Africa and the world at large a conducive environment for every being, fulfilling that desire or not but a try should be given. People of diverse backgrounds come together in unison to make a collection of friends, the same way we should do to keep our bond alive and extend the notion to a national level so there would be no room for a tribal or political difference that could be capable of disuniting the heaps. Hence wise, thoughts and good deeds we should seek to live behind rather than high sounding appellations. We owe each other a greater debt that could only be repaid by contributing immensely to national development through performing our role of national duty whether in a government or private sector. We should understand that, even when our terms dissent, our own responsibilities for taking care of our own world will not end. For our role to play shall never be done by anyone rather than our very selves who know and understand the good and the fettles of our country.

As we live by, we’re witnessing many injustice acts perpetrated against many as the system remains unchanged but if no stone is left unturned and no grain of sand is left unmoved, there is always the possibility of finding more and more just to cover the injustices, this should be pledged to our shoulders as task and utmost concern to address as far as our rights as citizens are concerned. We must always remember that there would come a day, none of us would be in existence, therefore our strength, intellect, honesty, creativity, knowledge, wisdom and charisma shall be left behind coupled with the quota we contributed towards national development. Our fixed structure should also give format to prayer, but its openness should also accept modern ideas and words so as to permit new inspiration to come from each generation and each individual, this will forever encourage excellence. To all friends, family and all other Gambian, I would tell you that cultural, tribal and political differences and request for economic power, is turning Africa to a crenellation. Finally, friends that are capable of polluting the minds with the dust of knowledge and civic consciousness are the best that could ever be found.

By Kebba Mamburay

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