Hello Pa,

Can you kindly allow me a space in your reputable media to ask these few questions to our current Permanent Secretary and the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education.

Pa, it is becoming a taboo in the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education that CCM, (coordinating committee meetings) are held frequently in regions to help support school. Most of the works they do when they visit schools are done by the cluster monitors and the regional monitoring teams, but yet still, there is a follow up visits to monitor implementation. Is a very good initiative by the then PS Bouy. But this could have been in a different way.

Below are few questions I want to ask:

  1. What plans have the current Permanent Secretary to towards his cluster monitor?
  2. Why is it that every time there is CCM in the provincial regions there will be no fuel allocation for the cluster monitor?
  3. When shall the cluster monitor get their motorbike?

Readers might question why the writer is asking these kinds of questions, but one of the reasons that led to the above questions are. Everybody in the Ministry knew very well that, the ministry cannot go ahead without either proper inspection or cluster monitors.

These are the people who knew the schools more than even the regional Director, but the worst thing is that they are the very people that are look very low at when it come to reality.  Up to the time this writing was make, no cluster monitor across the region one has receive their fuel allocation, and 25% to 45 % did not have a motor bikes, neither their bikes are road worthy.

To call a spade a spade, both the minister and the current permanent secretary knew how important cluster monitoring are. I would like to stop here and be very much grateful if the above questions can be provided with answers.


Concern Education Advocator

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