President Adama Barrow has been infuriated by Ousainou Darboe’s recent comments “that there is nothing like UDP 2016 and that his party does not recognize the newly created Barrow National Youth Movement,” sources close to the Presidency have told Freedom Newspaper. Darboe’s veil threats of the UDP party possibly expelling its MPS engaged in corrupt practices, has also attracted the President’s attention.

Mr. Barrow has been accused in the recent past of inducing UDP MPS with the hope of buying their support and loyalty ahead of the party’s Congress. Mr. Barrow, who was in Egypt, North Africa, attending a business forum conference, was “SUPER PISSED” by Mr. Darboe’s comments, one source familiar with the story told me.  He nearly cringed upon hearing Darboe’s “anti 2016 UDP membership” bashing, aides said.

“President Barrow felt that he has been disrespected, demeaned, and thrown under the bus by his onetime political idol, he once calls his political Godfather. He was fuming in anger upon hearing Darboe’s remarks at the just UDP National Congress. Darboe will hear from him on December 15th when Barrow is expected to lay the foundation stone of a project in Basse. The President will come up with a fitting response to Darboe’s rants at the UDP Congress,” a source close to the Presidency confided in us over the phone.

Mr. Darboe has declared a war against those bent on dividing the UDP at the opening of the UDP Congress. He said he is ready to fight anyone bent on sowing seeds of discord within the UDP.

“I am not desperate to be the President of The Gambia, but any forces of whatever description; of whatever status in life, who attempts to divide the UDP, I will take you head on; I will fight you to prevent that. That is my mission. I will not preside over the disintegration of the United Democratic Party. I have been elected to preside over the unification of the United Democratic Party and to get more people to join the force of the United Democratic Party. Any attempt by any party to divide us, I will fight you,” Darboe told the UDP delegates, who are set to cast their vote on Sunday’s Congress.

“UDP has only one Youth Wing. Those propagating another Youth Wing outside the party’s main Youth wing, are out to divide us. It is a deliberate attempt to sow the seeds of discord within the party. We will not accept that. UDP recognizes only the United Democratic Party Youth Wing. Other than the UDP Youth Wing, UDP does not recognize any other Youth Wing. Any other Youth Wing, or any other Youth Movement pretending to be UDP, will not be recognized by the party. All the real UDP supporters are in the UDP Youth Wing,” Darboe added.

President Barrow is reportedly bracing up for the Basse meeting, where he intends to call out Ousainou Darboe for the first time, sources said. He will send a strong message to the UDP and its present leadership that he is ready to move on with his government’s programs and policies, and no amount of attacks will sway him from his agenda.

“President Barrow is about to register his own political party. They are currently working on formalizing the party’s Constitution. Besides the party’s formulation, he is also working on replacing some UDP Cabinet Ministers. There are three UDP Ministers, who have already been lined up to be fired soon. Some Ambassadors, who were recommended by Darboe to be hired in the Foreign Service, are also going,” said our source.

Mr. Barrow is yet to make up his mind on VP Darboe’s fate, but sources said the UDP Ministers in Barrow’s Cabinet will become his first casualties in his upcoming Cabinet sweeping. The UDP/Barrow Team fight will soon start in earnest, our source said.

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