According to documentary evidence in my custody, five companies bade for the contract to supply of Hemodialysis consumable to the EFSTH. The tender was opened and administered in June by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare under Permanent Secretary Muhammad Lamin Jaiteh and his procurement officer Kainding Sambou.

Two companies have met the eligibility criteria but the Ministry’s choice was queried by the competing bidder, who was ranked second but offered about eight million dalasi less than the bidder chosen by the Ministry.

The Gambia Public Procurement Authority GPPA which has an oversight over all government procurement, looked into the matter and recommended that the second ranked bidder should be the one to be considered given his price and since it has demonstrated capacity to deliver. The GPPA further lambasted the Ministry of health for violating GPPA ACT 2014 by negotiating with their selected bidder without prior approval and contract signature. The GPPA also observed that the Ministry’s claim that they need the hemodialysis consumables by emergency is not genuine since their own deadline for delivery is 90 days and 90 days delivery is not an emergency in this procurement.

Credible sources have indicated that the Ministry has been single sourcing contracts to the same contractor of their choice for the same hemodialysis consumables in the tune of over Two million Dalasis based on flimsy and unfounded excuses like the hemodialysis consumables are urgently needed since patients are dying, even the PS of Finance has questioned the single source in a letter written to PS Jaiteh of Health because of the amount involve should be tendered.

I have credible information that not satisfied and suspecting foul play, the second ranked bidder has now filed a complaint against the handling of the bidding by the Ministry of health Under PS Jaiteh and procurement officer Sambou and is asking the Complaint Review Board which has a quasi-judicial power and comprised of people with legal background would stop the Ministry of Health from awarding the contract to their selected and favored contractor.

A source closely familiar with government bidding procedure said since Mr. Jaiteh came to the Ministry, the place has become notorious for dubious bidding and favoritism of contractors allegedly in exchange of kick- backs.

Only recently the same Ministry awarded the contract to airlift Cuban doctors home and bring new ones, Ministry awarded to a foreign travel agency which has charged over six million dalasi more than a second one, a Gambian company with the same facilities and in fact offering to use the same airline, a credible insider source told me. Further credible sources said there was in fact no tender of this particular contract and that only quotations were taken from the three travel agencies contrary to GPPA act which states that contracts above D500,000 should go to tender.

There is definitely something fishy about the way the permanent secretary and his senior official at the Ministry handle tenders and awarding of contracts. The government and minster must review all tender process to stop the apparent unfair and dubious awarding of tenders at the Ministry.  I will share with you some documentary evidence of corrupt practices happening at the Ministry. The level of corruption at this ministry is beyond belief and an insult to the spirit of the new Gambia. Unless and until this act is stopped, I will expose it more for all to see how corruption is killing the new Gambia.

A Concerned insider

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