Supporters of the leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe are claiming that the life of Mr. Darboe came under threat during the just concluded party Congress. Three armed personnel of the Presidential Guard were intercepted by the police while trying to enter the Congress Hall with Lamin Cham, a Personal Assistant to President Adama Barrow. Cham’s candidature to run for UDP National Youth President was rejected, following his disqualification by the UDP amended Constitution. The new changes prohibits Civil Servants from holding official position with the UDP Executive. Both Cham and Alkali Conteh were disqualified. Conteh is a member of the Public Service Commission. 

Bakary Trawally, a Gambian based in New York City, and also a UDP supporter, is among those trafficking the conspiracy theory that his party leader Darboe, has survived an assassination attempt during Saturday’s Congress. Trawally alleged that without the timely intervention of the police, Lamin Cham and his armed guards, would have executed what he calls “the plot” to assassinate his party leader.

Trawally, who is in love with the social media platform whatsapp said, he learned about the foiled plot since on Saturday, but he decided to sit on the information until after the Congress. He claimed that he doesn’t want to cause panic at the Congress; hence that is why he decided not to use whatsapp to expose the security breach.

Trawally also claimed that the safety of the other political leaders in the country cannot be guaranteed–given what he calls “the plot on Darboe’s life.” He said in as much as dictator Jammeh was mean, he is not aware of Jammeh sending his agents at any given time to UDP functions fully armed—not to mention plotting to kill his party leader.

Lamin Cham never showed up at the closing of the UDP Congress on Sunday after the Saturday’s incident, Trawally said. He claimed that Cham stayed home because he knew that he would have been confronted by the party’s membership about the incident.

A source who reached us said: “Pa, I preferred to not be named. Pa, you may heard about the three State Guards CPL. Adama Jagne, Private Tombong Drammeh, and Private Kalilu Makalo, who went with Lamin Cham to the UDP Congress this past Saturday December 8th. They were caught with pistols life ammunition. Each of the privates were armed with eight rounds and the Corporal five rounds. Both weapons and rounds were confiscated and handed to the KMC police Commissioner Ceesay until after the Congress.”

“It is normal for Presidential guards to carry their ammunitions within the country. However, some UDP supporters like Bakary Trawally made an audio claiming that Lamin Cham and the State Guards wanted to kill Darboe, which is totally false and misleading,” he added.

The Gambian police are yet to shed light on the incident. It is not clear if any charges will be pressed against the accused soldiers.

A source close to the Barrow State House said there was no threat on Lawyer Darboe’s life. He said the UDP base are just paranoid and that Bakary Trawally’s claims are mere fictions of his own imagination. The source said there was nothing improper about the guards carrying arms at the Congress.

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