Mr Jammeh, former president and dictator of the Gambia. Thank you for your attempt to kill (korrteh)  me on Sunday 2nd December. It did not work and I am healthy and well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is stronger than all your jalangs and marabouts. I believe it has been returned to you because our prayer was “return to sender”. You should not have wasted so much money on a “contract killer”. You know what I mean. You paid a lot of money to have me killed because I am frustrating your plans to return to Gambia as a “private citizen”.

You may hate me and Pa Nderry, but I don’t hate you. In fact, I actively supported you in the early days when you and Edward were doing so much to change Gambia for the better. The problem arose when as Bai Lowe testified you took the “black road” and set up your Jalangs in the state house. You sold your soul to satan and did HIS work while pretending to be a good and pious Moslem. The price was all those human sacrifices including the children killed by your motorcades. I used to call them your monthly sacrifice. We’ll never know the true number of people you killed as sacrifices to keep yourself in power, but God does and will judge you unless you repent.

It’s no use trying to return to Gambia. Your time has passed. There is Chinese saying “once he might have ruled the earth, but he made it his business to injure people. In so doing he prepared his own downfall”. Do you recognise yourself? You abused your office for personal gain and wasted it with your wife Zeinab. Now it is finished and you are answerable to God who will not permit you to return. Madam Selbe Dom of Senegal told you this, but you would not listen and had to be forced out in a humiliating way. You are your own worst enemy. Every one of your plans will be blocked and frustrated by GOD. So stop blaming others for what you chose to do. I understand that you were originally a Catholic called James Junkung Jammeh,  earmarked for higher things. You then “converted” to Islam although I doubt if you were ever a sincere Moslem, because Islam forbids idol worship (jalang). The Bible says that “if we confess our sins. Jesus Christ is faithful to forgive them and cleanse us of all unrighteousness” As a former catholic you should know this. You are so full of spiritual wickedness, dirtiness and on the THRESHOLD OF HELL but you can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, IF you choose to. Unlike Islam in the past, Christianity is by free choice.

This is not a theological debate about the merits of Christianity and Islam. You want to kill me but I am praying for you to live and be saved from the hell that you so richly deserve. This is the difference between us. The God of the Bible says that it is not the will of God that one should be lost, but that all should come to salvation. This includes you if you will accept His Word and offer.

I criticised your actions harshly under the name “Boor Sine” because you did evil and oppressed Gambians. It was wrong and against God’s Word by both the Bible and the Quran. You mocked God and did what you wanted. Now you can repent if you believe either Book or go to and very horrible afterlife.  The choice is yours. Ki lah wahall moi sa mbokka. Whoever corrects you is your family. I pray that you will repent and suggest that for your own well being you leave me alone.

Stephen Foune

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