Dear Mr. Mbai,

We are once again, saddened by the sophisticated nature of which corruption is taking place in the government of Adama Barrow. If the finance ministry headed by Mamburay Njie can appoint international advisers to help put its debt on a “sustainable path”, when just last year the same ministry under Amadou Sanneh, completed a debt restructuring exercise that saw most of its domestic debt owed by the para-statals to the local banks in the country changed to serviceable bonds, then we will not be surprised to learn that this whole episode is just designed to help improve Gambia’s very low downgraded rating in the international market so as to take on more and more debts.

The Potomac Group cut a niche in the world of international consulting and is widely known in many establishments around the world. But their services are extremely expensive. We want the finance ministry to answer the following for us:

– Can we afford such a hefty payment when we are trying to cut down government spending?

-Does it worth the trouble only to score some points with our ratings for finance minister Mamburay Njie to continue fooling us with eye-catching headlines.

-Why not make a technical request form the World Bank or IMF for sound advices on how to restructure our debts on a sustainable path for free?

– What procedures were followed that led to award of this contract to the international consultants?

-How much money is involved and what are the terms and conditions of payment?

– Did cabinet got briefed on the whole arrangements and has the requisite approval obtained?

-Have the legal officers at the Justice ministry been involved?

– Since there is an ongoing special audits of state owned enterprises and the SOE liabilities have been incorporated into the overall public debt, why not wait for the outcome of such an exercise sanctioned by our development partners to prove a detailed picture of the public debt?

This agreement with the Potomac Group as the international adviser, working with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe as international legal adviser, to put the country’s external debt on a sustainable path must be subject to parliamentary scrutiny on behalf of the Gambian people.

Our mission is to eliminate graft and corruption in the Gambia.

We will continue to closely monitor this shady arrangement!

#Civil Servants United Against Graft and Corruption in Government. 

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