GAMBIA: Has Anchor Sarjo Brito of QTV television been fired?


Has Sarjo Brito of QTV television been fired?

There are conflicting reports reaching this medium. One report suggests that QTV anchor Sarjo Brito, has been fired from the network, while another report says she quits. This followed, the network’s apparent refusal to air an interview she had with activist Pa Samba Jow and Dr. Ismaila Ceesay. The interview was slated to be aired this past Thursday, but for some reasons it was not aired. The network posted on its Facebook page hours later that “due to technical problems” Sarjo’s show couldn’t be aired. It promises to air Jow/Ceesay show with Sarjo next week Thursday.

Insiders at QTV told Freedom Newspaper that Sarjo Brito and her show crew, including the camera man, were summoned for a management meeting. Among the issues discussed include: the contentious interview she had with Messrs. Ceesay and Jow. Jow reportedly made a comment critical of President Barrow, which the network felt was inappropriate to broadcast.

It appears that Sarjo Brito, has had enough of the management’s internal editorial censorship. She couldn’t take it anymore. She reportedly walked away from the meeting after thrash talking her bosses, sources said. The camera crew were apologetic during the said meeting.

One insider told this medium that Sarjo was fired after the said meeting. She has since not reported to work.

A source close to Sarjo Brito, earlier informed us that Sarjo was considering resigning from the network. He said the QTV anchor felt that she can no longer work with the network.

QTV has lost some of its staff and anchors in the recent past. Sheriff Gomez of the Dairraje show has also parted company with the network. He left the network, following repeated internal censorship meted out to his show.

Essa Jallow, who was sent to QTV, on secondment by the state broadcaster GRTS, has also left the network. Jallow now works with the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) as a media officer.

Also, among the staff, who left the network include veteran Gambian journalist and Broadcaster Ebou Waggeh. Blogger Fatou Jaw Manneh, who was hired to manage the network was also let go.

QTV is owned by businessman Muhammed Jah. Jah has donated fancy cars to the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh during his decade long rule. He was in the good books of dictator Jammeh.

Jah’s network has been licensed to have full coverage of the TRRC proceedings. His company the Q Group network, has close ties with the Barrow government. It cannot afford to upset the status quo—given the number of contracts the company is enjoying from The Gambian state.

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