A United Democratic Party (UDP) Member of Parliament for Serre-Kunda West, Madi Ceesay, who once received D10,000 dalasis from President Adama Barrow’s political surrogates, in an attempt to buy his support, has called on the UDP membership to stand up and be counted and treat the newly created Barrow Youth Movement as a political rival—that is similar to dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Green, Green Boys Youth Movement. Ceesay spoke today during an address, he made to his constituents in Serre-Kunda . He notes that Barrow’s Youth Movement, is a political party in the making and should be condemned by all genuine UDP supporters nationwide.

“Adama Barrow has no business in setting up a Barrow Youth Movement. He was not voted into office to promote a Barrow Youth Movement agenda. If he should promote any agenda, he should focus on the National Development Plan agenda (NDP). Promoting UDP agenda, should also be part of his agenda because he ascended to the Presidency through the UDP. Nothing much, nothing less,” he contends.

“Barrow has now become a replica of Yahya Jammeh. He is following the footsteps of Yahya Jammeh. Yahya Jammeh operated a Youth Movement; Barrow has one; Jammeh’s wife owns a Foundation; Barrow’s wife Fatoumatta Bah Barrow also owns a Foundation. The whole objective is to transform his Youth Movement into a political party,” Ceesay claimed, adding that come February 18, which falls on Gambia’s independence day, he will address a huge rally in Serre-Kunda to expose the regime.

Madi Ceesay is a “Gambian journalist” and a politician. He is also the owner of the Daily News Newspaper.

He said his own paper recently reported a story, in which a UDP members reminded Barrow’s team that they are still armed with the same ammunition that they used during Gambia’s decade long struggle to dislodge Jammeh from power. He said the UDP will not succumb to the Barrow Youth Movement and will use every platform to condemn it.

Ceesay went on tirade accusing President Barrow of deviating from the Coalition agenda. He maintains that Barrow was never voted into office to create a Youth Movement. He added that Barrow’s Youth Movement is a photocopy of Yahya Jammeh’s infamous Green, Green Boys Youth Movement.

Ceesay notes that there is no much difference in the way Yahya Jammeh operates politically compared to Adama Barrow. He said Barrow is now intoxicated with what he calls the “I syndrome.” He observed that Barrow is in the business of crediting himself for every project or funding extended to the MPS since he got elected two years ago.

“He was never rich before ascending into the Presidency. He couldn’t do what he is doing today before becoming a President. He couldn’t have attained what he got today, if he was not in the government. That is why I accepted D10,000 dalasis from him. I chopped his money. If he sends his people and give me money again, I will receive it and chop it. I will continue to remain UDP. We do not recognize the Barrow Youth Movement,” Ceesay said in the local Mandinka dialect.

He lamented about Barrow’s recent firing of UDP officials from his government. He said Barrow is emulating Yahya Jammeh’s style of governance.

Ceesay also said the UDP will company with Barrow, once he (Barrow) comes on record to renounce his membership with the UDP. He said for now, the UDP will continue to consolidate its party, and they will cross the bridge when the time comes. He urges UDP supporters to isolate and condemn the Barrow Youth Movement.

Ceesay said the meeting Ousainou Darboe had over the weekend in Badibu India, was a success story. He also said the UDP is more popular today than ever before, as more and more people are joining the party.

“Even if Ousainou Darboe leaves the party, that will not stop the UDP from flourishing. We will remain to be UDP. Darboe was right when he recently said, anyone, who betrays the party, for the sake of political expediency, will end up becoming a laughingstock of the country. Even a hen’s spit, will be more relevant than that person,” he remarked.

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