A container filled with arms and ammunitions have been intercepted at the port of Banjul today, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Gambian law enforcement agents are currently investigating the owner of the shipment. Details are sketchy at this hour.

Double barrel guns were found in the container among other deadly weapons. Double barrel guns are normally use for hunting in Africa.

It is not clear whether the container is on transit or destined for The Gambia. But what is clear though; a container filled with arms have been intercepted at the Banjul ports.

Senior Security chiefs were earlier today seen at the ports to inspect the intercepted container. The matter is under investigations.

Below is a letter we received from a Freedom Newspaper opinion contributor:

Dear Pa,

A friend informed me that a container loaded with various types of guns and ammunition were offloaded in The Gambia Port, but was intercepted by security forces last Monday. The arms were transferred to the police station at the port. The store was under tight security, yet it never made news in the Gambia or any online papers and that perplexed me. My friend is a port worker and very informed of Port operations.

The owner is a well known business man and guns were allowed in because the owner claimed that the guns are to be used for a security company he set up.

I don’t know whether you are aware of the story. Please if you can use your journalistic enquiry to establish the facts.

I find it strange for a private security company to use guns for its operations. The story seems to incredible and it installed a sense of anxiety in me. No one wants to see another coup of any fashion because it will take our country backwards as experienced with Yaya junta shows.

Thank you

L Darboe

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