Dear Nawec Director,

I am sending you this e-mail to express my great concern for not supplying water and electricity.
My name is Trudy Wissink from Holland and live in Manjai kunda . I spend the most time of the year here in Gambia. And still notice that the residents have no water and / or electricity almost every day.
As a Nawec company, you are responsible for supplying these products to your customers and  they pay also for this. As a company you wrote on your website ;  that your mission is to provide all customers with a stable supply of water and electricity.  Nawec where is your mission !!!
If your company does not supply water for days, you know how many inmates have to forgo, and think about the many sick people who need water. On humanitarian grounds ,   every person needs the basic needs of water and electricity every day, I make great demands on your feeling and compassion that finally this problem will be solved. I think that everyone incl your company , also want people to be able to use these normal basic products in freedom every time at the.   You also want Gambia to develop, then the base is needed first and you are responsible for that.
Thank you for reading my e mail. I hope that this mail reaches the right person.
Kind regards, Trudy Wissink
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