A former Gambian army officer, who was jailed in the aftermath of the July 22nd coup, headed by dictator Yahya Jammeh, has accused Ex Lieutenant Kejau Touray, of falsely accusing him of being part of the Farafenni failed rebel attack, which left some soldiers death, and others wounded. Sheriff Gomez, a former Adjutant, made the claim before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission. Gomez explained to the Commission, how he was arrested and taken to the NIA, following the failed Farafenni attack. He said he was questioned by the NIA for hours, but he denied his involvement in the said attack.

“Kejau Touray told the NIA that I was part of the attackers. He said I was their leader,” Gomez remarked. He added that he was told by the NIA that Kejau Touray told them that he was the leader of the Farafenni failed attack.

At this time, Gomez was already released from jail after spending over two years behind bars at the mosquito infested prison. He said General Alhagie Martin, and Yankuba Touray, used to come to the prison to torture the military detainees.

Gomez, who shed tears before the Commission, said there was no iota of truth in Kejau Touray’s claims. Touray was among the officers commanding the military police.

Gomez also talked about the 1994 coup. He said he was arrested by guards led by Edward Singhateh as soon as he entered the barracks. He was placed in the cell at the guardroom.

Gomez testified that former Junta Vice Chairman Edward Singhateh fired a gun over his head and threatened to shoot him, if he doesn’t hand over the key to the armory at the Yundum barracks. He complied and handed the keys to Singhateh. Singhateh and co then opened the armory and armed the mutineers. He said Singhateh has on two occasions threatens to blow up his head with a gun. The last incident happened at the mile two prison, where he was tortured together with other officers.

Gomez said they were subjected to mock execution tortures. This followed, false claims made by Singhateh and co, who informed Gomez and co that their co detainees have been executed. Sounds of gunshots were heard in the prison. Gomez said he was convinced at this time that his co detainees have been executed.

Edward Singhateh and co left the prison. He was told by Edward that they will be back and he Gomez would be the next to be executed.

Gomez later picked up a job at the National Youth Service before was appointed by the Jammeh Government to serve as a military adviser in Ethiopia. He also served as Youth Minister in Jammeh’s government before he was sacked.

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