Adama Barrow might quash his beef with his Vice President Ousainou Darboe, but Mr. Darboe is still not done with the rookie President. Darboe is on the offensive. Darboe addressed a rally in Kombo Lamin on Saturday, where he threw shades at folks, whom he branded as “ fake UDP members, who are bent on using his party for personal development.” Darboe began by praising Momodou Alieu Bah (MA Bah), a former Jammeh Interior Minister, who recently defected to the UDP, for his immense contribution towards the development of the UDP party. He also praised the diaspora community currently on vacation in The Gambia, who attended the Lamin meeting.

“The people who set up the UDP, did not set it up for personal development. UDP was not set up for one’s personal development. UDP was not set up based on personal self-aggrandizement, selfishness, sheer greed and treachery. This party was set up primarily for the development of The Gambia, and her people and not for personal or an individual development. The party has been set up to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of The Gambian people. Nothing much, nothing less,” Darboe remarked in the Mandinka local dialect.

“Despite the shift in party objectives among ourselves, notwithstanding, the original UDP members are still living up to the party’s set goals and objectives. The previous speaker Yusupha Cham, and the Chairman are right. This party was not set up for personal development. This party called the UDP, is here for the collective good and national development,” he remarked, adding that folks with ulterior motives are not representing what UDP stands for.

He added that folks, who are using the party’s name for personal enrichment, should come out clean and be honest, and tell Gambians that they are not representing the UDP party in any form or shape. He also cautioned folks, who are in the business of falsely portraying themselves as UDP members when they are not.

Darboe’s statement, followed a claim made by Information Minister Ebrima Sillah, on the Kerr Fatou network that his DNA is UDP. Sillah also said his blood contained the UDP yellow color.

Sillah told the Kerr Fatou medium that President Barrow is still a UDP member. Sillah is a UDP member and a former BBC Banjul Correspondent.

“You cannot make the appearance that your name is Manka, when you are not Manka. That’s wrong. It shouldn’t happen,” Darboe remarked.

“We are in a hurry to start our real political work (activism). After June 2019, the UDP will start its real political work. I am pleased with the amount of work being done by the people of West Coast Region, particularly the folks in Lamin, in regards to the advancement of the UDP party,” Darboe said.

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