It is now clear that Adama Barrow is going to be the first Gambian President ever to become a one term President, in the annals of our country’s political history. We will tell you why.

First and foremost, Barrow has departed from the core values that brought him into office. He was voted as a transitional President, but apparently, he has exhibited his sheer greed of consolidating himself into power. He has also amazed wealth within this short period of time. His financial spending sprees are questionable.

This was a guy, who was virtually broke when he was selected to lead a group of opposition parties to challenge Jammeh in the 2016 elections. Today, he is running around with millions.

He is also affiliated to folks linked to secret arms importation. Abubacarr Jawara’s case is still pending at the police.  His wife’s phony Foundation continues to discredit the credibility of his administration; not to mention the Barrow Youth Movement, whose source of funding is questionable. It is not clear if Barrow is funneling state funds into the Movement. But time will tell.

Secondly, Barrow’s lack of comprehension of state craft has led him to allow former Jammeh enablers and partners in crime to take over the new dispensation. Barrow has surrounded himself with folks, who had aided and abetted Jammeh in plundering our national treasury—more importantly the Central Bank of The Gambia.

His Chief Protocol Officer Alhagie Ousman Ceesay has admitted before the Janneh Commission, for having collected millions of dollars from the Central Bank for Jammeh. That never stopped Barrow from associating himself with Ceesay.

His Finance Minister Mamburay Njie, also admitted before the Janneh Commission for having taken part in a financial transaction in which Qatar donated millions of dollars to The Gambia, but the funds were stolen by Jammeh to buy an aircraft. Jammeh’s theft of pensioners funds at the Social Security happened during Mamburay’s watch.

Barrow’s Foreign Affairs Minister Momodou Tangara, was The Gambian Ambassador to the United Nations during Jammeh’s rule. Millions of dalasis have been stolen at the said Embassy during Tangara’s watch, and after he left the mission. The stolen funds were visa fees collected from visa applicants.

Adama Barrow is an affront to democratic reform in The Gambia. We will tell you why.

Not long ago, the United Nations Development fund (UNDP) and other allies pledged to support Gambia’s much anticipated security reform. Millions of dollars were funneled into the program, but so far, there is no serious reform taking place in this country.

Barrow’s security reform means: renaming the infamous National Intelligence Agency (NIA) into Gambia’s State Intelligence Services (SIS). Intelligence agents, who used to run and supervise Jammeh’s torture chambers at the NIA still works there.

The clueless rookie President is relying on intelligence assets, who used to run Jammeh’s crime syndicate. NIA operatives employed under Jammeh’s rule are still reporting to work. And these were the very folks, who used to abduct and torture their brothers and sisters in the name of keeping Jammeh in power.

For any serious security reform to happen, there must be an in house cleansing at the SIS. Officers who used to run the Operations and Investigations Departments of the agency, must be thoroughly screened to see if they have aided Jammeh in making our people disappear or killed. That never happened so far.

Even in post Hitler era in Germany, the Nazi government intelligence agency was disbanded and scrapped. We expect the same thing to happen in The Gambia. The NIA headquarters in Banjul should be designated as a crime scene until Jammeh’s victims are accorded justice.

Guess what? A mosque has been built at the agency during Barrow’s rule. The rookie President wants his Intel agents to be closer to God. That is what security reform means to him.

Keep in mind that The Gambia is a secular state. There are Christian Intel operatives working in that agency, but this administration doesn’t care. It is openly promoting religious discrimination at the SIS. There is no church at the agency, in which Christian officers can pray.

Recent revelations at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, have confirmed the existence of Jammeh’s torture chamber operatives at the SIS, and the army. A case in point is Baba Saho, who is currently working at The Gambian Embassy in Guinea Bissau. This was the guy accused of torture by Batch Samba Jallow, one of the witnesses who recently testified before the Commission.

In the face of the TRRC proceedings, coupled with the disturbing revelations emerging from the Commission, the Barrow government, has demonstrated that it lacked respect for the Jammeh victims by allowing the APRC to organize a political rally in Brikama this past weekend. That was an insult to the Jammeh victims.

It is time for healing and national reconciliation and not showcasing the might of one’s political party. But Barrow will never get it. He can no longer hide his sheer greed for power. He is banking on Jammeh’s APRC party to seek a second term mandate. But he will never make it. Barrow is going to be a one term President. We rest our case!

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