A Denmark Gambian mom, who bought a house in The Gambia back in 2012 for over D600,000 dalasi, from the Sheriff Division of Gambia’s High Court, has been evicted together with her family from her property after one Mustapha Kanyi, a staffer of the Kanifing Municipal Council, had claimed ownership of the landed property, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Binta Sarge, 34, says she had spent close to D2.7 million dalasis to develop her property, situated at the Kotu Layout. She bought the property from the Sheriff Division during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule.

One Sheriff B. Tabally, a staffer of the Sheriff Division, had sworn to an affidavit dated March 2nd, 2016, confirming that the Kotu property in question was sold to Binta Sarge of Ebo Town. Two staffers of the court: Isatou Jaiteh, and Kebba Ousainou Sour, have both confirmed witnessing the sale transaction in a document that bears their names.

Binta Sarge’s case is a complicated one. The Sheriff Division first told her that they mistakenly sold her a property belonging to one Amadou Tijan Jallow. She was asked to relocate to the next property, which Mustapha Kanyi, is now claiming ownership. Kanyi made the claim in November of 2018.

Sarge had already constructed a nice house for her mum on the property. That’s the property she stays when she comes to The Gambia on vacation.

Kanyi, we are told, was not in the country at the time of the purported sale. He was away from The Gambia during dictator Jammeh’s rule.

Sarge said Kanyi went to court and secured an eviction notice against her family. She was never served with any court papers to defend herself in court.

Kanyi, who works as a “Compliance Officer” at the KMC, showed up at Binta’s Kotu property with some KMC Municipal police. He allegedly told Binta’s mom that she risked being forcefully evicted with the family, if she doesn’t leave the property.

Binta’s mom and her kids were given four days to leave the property or risked being forcefully evicted. They complied. They left their household properties behind.

Binta’s mom and the family became homeless. They are currently being hosted by their neighbors.

Binta Sarge flew from Denmark this past November, accompanied by her husband to help recover her confiscated home. She found new occupants at her home.

She was told that Mustapha Kanyi had rented the property, and she should stay away from the premises of the house. The occupants even threatened to call the police and Kanyi on her.

She said Kanyi told her that she was supposed to pay him rent money for the period of time she stayed at the property, even though she owns the structures there.

Both Binta and her husband were t in tears, as they couldn’t believe that the property that they had worked so hard for, has been taken away from them.

Binta Sarge visited the Hight Court in Banjul to look for one Landing Sanneh, a former staffer of the Sheriff Division. She said she bought the land from Sanneh.

Sanneh is now the Judicial Secretary. She was told that Landing Sanneh was not at work.

She then proceeded to the Chambers of Justice Mayassin Sey. She was told that Justice Sey, has an oversight to the operations of the affairs of the Sheriff Division.

She explained her story to Justice Sey. She claimed that Justice Sey, was not the least happy with the way she had been treated by the Sheriff Division.

Justice Sey placed a phone call to the Sheriff Division in her presence, where Justice Sey spoke to one of the Deputies in her presence. Justice Sey told the Deputy that he was on a speaker phone. She also informed him that Binta Sarge was listening to the conversation she had with the Deputy.

The Deputy told Justice Sey that Mustapha Kanyi came to the court grumbling and even vowed to deal with them if his property was not returned to him.

Binta Sarge said she left Justice Sey’s office after she was told that the matter would be investigated.

She flew to The Gambia in December again, but still she couldn’t recover her property. She had to hire lawyer Moses Richards of the Richards and Associates Law Firm. She was charged a legal fee of D150, 000 dalasis for Richards to represent her in court. She made a part payment of D75,000 dalasi to have Richards pursue the matter on her behalf.

Mustapha Kanyi could not be reached for his own side of the story.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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