The Kanifing Municipal worker, who was accused of seizing the home of one Binta Sarge, has denied the allegations. Mustapha Kanyi made the denial during an interview with this medium. He instead accused Mrs. Sarge of squatting on his property, situated in Kotu Layout.

Kanyi was living in the United Kingdom at the time of the sale of the disputed property. His “property” was sold to Binta Sarge during an auction sale by the Sheriff Office in Banjul.

Kanyi had claimed that the disputed land was allocated to him by the government for free. He claimed that he entrusted his land papers to the late Dodou Kulo Jatta, who died some years ago. Jatta was one of the top land officials at the Ministry of Local Government and lands at the time of his demise.

Kanyi told Freedom Newspaper that the Sheriff Office had mistakenly sold a wrong property to Binta Sarge. He said once he realized that Sarge and her family were allegedly “squatting” on his property, he contacted the Sheriff Office to order for her eviction from the property.

Binta Sarge has denied ever squatting on the said property. She said she purchased the land legally from the Sheriff Office. She even presented certificate of land ownership to proof her ownership of the property.

When asked whether he had secured an eviction notice from the courts to evict Mrs. Sarge, Kanyi responded in the negative. He maintained that he doesn’t need to secure an eviction notice because in his own words: “she squatted on my property.” He also said it is a waste of time go to court because it will take sometime before an eviction would be secured against Sarge.

Kanyi has denied allegations that he evicted Mrs. Sarge’s mother from the disputed property. He said all issues relating to eviction was handled by the Sheriff Office and not him.

Kanyi later resorted to cursing this Editor, during the interview by accusing him of being biased, when he was asked as to whether he has any ties to the United Democratic Party (UDP). This follows Kanyi’s claims that he once contested elections and lost and later resettled in the United Kingdom. He later hung up the phone.

The KMC is being headed by a UDP Mayor. Kanyi started working with the KMC, following Talib Bensouda’s election into office as a Mayor.

Kanyi has denied using the KMC police to harass and evict Mrs. Sarge’s mom from the property.

The UDP forms the majority in Barrow’s government. Kanyi has denied using any political connects to evict Mrs. Sarge from the disputed property. He also said Mrs. Sarge is free to demolish the property she constructed on his land.

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