The Gambian government has taken over dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Farato farm, which has now been transformed as timber mill processing plant, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. It is not clear whether the regime has reached a secret deal with a Chinese firm, but sources close to the administration say some Chinese have been authorized to operate a timber mill processing plant on the property.

“Finally, I have spoken to someone at the Forestry Department. I was told that the Chinese have taken over the Farato Farm of Yahya Jammeh. It has now been turned as a processing plant for timber logs to be exported to China,” said an insider.

The Gambian government has signed a security bilateral ties with the Senegalese government. Part of the agreement includes: stopping cross border timber log trafficking from the Southern province of Casamance to The Gambia.

Senegalese forces have been stationed in Bwiam and its surrounding settlements to combat the timber trade smuggling.

“It is very likely that timbers seized from smugglers might end up at the Chinese Farato timber processing plant. Trucks have been seen entering in and out of the property loaded with timber logs. I was told that the plant will be used to export timber logs to China,” said the insider.

The Barrow State House could not be reached for comment.

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