Gambia: Rejoinder: Lamin Touray and Amie Bensouda


Dear Pa,

I don’t know much about the problems of Lamin Touray with the AG and SG, But this Mr. Touray had been working closely with Amie Bensouda for some time. They have an excellent relationship.
Sometime ago, I was investigating Laico Atlantic hotel and went to the Justice Ministry for the hotel’s registration documents. I was directed to Mr. Touray. As soon as he was informed about my mission, it took me a while before I can sit with him.
To my dismay, the ownership of the hotel had changed four times under the directives of …. As Registrar, the way the ownership changed hands questioned the credibility of the office of the registry. When questioned about the abnormality, Mr. Touray’s response was that …. sent some body with a note to effect the changes. This puts in doubt about his credibility.
Last year, we discovered that the current directors listed as owners of the hotel
were actually employees of the hotel. As it stands, unless they rush to amend the records, … has a big hand in Atlantic hotel and Mr. Touray facilitate all these illegal transactions.
The question to be asked is : how can he be asked to confirm the ownership of that bank without referring the matter to his superiors, and most importantly why he did not do a background check before writing to Sierra Leone to confirm ownership of the FIBank?
Please handle this with care..Mr. Touray has a good beneficial working relationship with….
Thank you.
A Concerned Gambian
Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The author is entitled to his own opinion. Thanks for your attention.
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