Measuring NDP Against Our Independence


Measuring NDP Against Our Independence

The Gambia like any other country across the globe, cannot be developed in the absence of having innovative and creative thinkers, dreaming hard towards achieving the desired sustainable development objectives for the country and humanity at large.

This affirmed the comment that American people thinks and dreams a lot about development of their country and people, which brought that country where it’s today, basking in the glory and sweats of their hard work either at individual or collective level, hence no room for excuse as to why such noble human virtues cannot be replicated in The Gambia and as small as we  are in terms of both population and size.

The effective and efficient implementation of National Development Plan (NDP) initiated by President Barrow led Government, will not only augur well with the spirit and purpose for attainment of our independence on 18th February 1965, but has the potentials of placing the country at par with any other developed country across the globe, including the cited America and beyond as the country has all what it takes to become one of the most prosperous and developed nations in the world.

Gambians are known for their bravery, hard work, creativity, brilliance and excellent performance in whatever professional discipline they venture in, but unfortunately we seems to lack the spirit of supporting each other along the way towards achieving either our individual or collective objectives, which we must  be seen to improve on and we still have more room and space for improvement in order to be where the rest of humanity is heading towards in this 21st century, characterized by advancement in science and technological revolution.

We cannot afford to continue tearing each other apart and expected to achieve the desired sustainable development for the country. We must learn, be ready and willing to improve on the spirit of supporting or giving helping hands to each other wherever the need arises, as such is not only in line with our religious teachings, but its products are seen in communities and societies where it is practice.

It’s time that Africans and Gambians for that matter to celebrate each other’s success and render support where the need arises, instead of bickering, tearing and undermining each other, which has no space as far as our ongoing sustainable development objectives are concerned. We are part of the bigger human family whether we appreciate or not, we must strive hard to where the humanity is heading (effective and non compromising sustainable development) in both content and quality, otherwise we risk perished either as a nation or Continent.

Africa today needs strong, visionary, creative, dynamic and progressive leaders, who must not compromise development objectives of their countries and people with initiation and effective implementation of noble policies and programs as National Development Plan (NDP) among others, complementing millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other universally accepted human oriented development programs.

The Gambia belongs to all Gambians and it’s our responsibility at collective and individual level to ensure that the country gets to where it ought to be regardless of our status in life and political affiliation. The country has so far gone through the first regime presided over by Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, the second presided over by Yahya Jammeh and we are now in the third presiding over by Adama Barrow, hence the need to give him all the support he needed until the next regime, which would not only put us at par with any other developed nation, but strengthen our status an envy of the world, cognizant of our tagged named “Smiling Coast of Africa” and a haven attracting visitors across the globe.

Therefore, as The Gambia braces up to celebrate the 54th year Independence, expected to be presided over by President Adama Barrow, We wish everyone a happy and memorable independence anniversary in advance.

By Sanna Jawara, Chief Executive Officer- The Advocate

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