Dear Mr. Mbai,

Our mission is to fight corruption anywhere and everywhere. One effective tool in the fight is to expose graft even when this new government is still reluctant to prioritize corruption in its national agenda.
We have been investigating the payroll of government since 2017 when we were told about the ‘Ghost workers’ inherited from the previous regime of Yayah Jammeh. Although, the issue of ghost workers is rampant and mainly in the security services, we were surprised to discover that all the top cadres in the Ministry of Finance were paying themselves special allowances to top up their monthly salaries. This inappropriate monthly payment had been in effect since the start of the IFMIS Project over 10 years ago.
Those benefiting from this illegal scheme are the permanent secretaries and their deputies; all directors including the accountant general and his deputies at the Treasury unit; the Auditor General and his top directors as well as all the accounting officers attached to different ministries and Government Agencies. It is important to note that this so-called ‘IFMIS Allowance’ is only unique to those working at the Ministry of Finance. (IFMIS is the Integrated Financial Management Information System that is currently installed by government. Some are paid up to D3, 000 every month as allowance).
Government has an Integrated Pay Scale and the General Orders and other Government Financial Regulations clearly stipulated the types of Allowance that Government employees are entitled to. There is nowhere in Government regulatory circles giving mandate to PMO or PSC to authorize such payment meant only for officials at the Ministry of Finance. This is a massive fraud that needs to be exposed and stopped. Millions of dalasis have been paid clandestinely included in the monthly payroll of civil servants.
We want this matter to be thoroughly investigated and all those involved be exposed. Stopping this illegal payment could bring huge savings to a cash-trapped government. There is  no justification to waste taxpayers money for the payment of special allowances to special government employees ad infinitum just because they are using the IFMIS system. Whoever gave the approval for such payment was doing so based on misinformation and we believe it was never designed to be paid indefinitely. Now that Government salaries have been increased by 50%, this illegal payment must be stopped with immediate effect. How many youthful  jobs can be created from this huge wastage of taxpayers money?
#Civil Servants United Against Graft And Corruption In Government.
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