Corruption alert! Corrupt officials at the State House are working in collaboration with a Senegalese contractor to pocket money from the much talked about National Development Plan (NDP) funds in the name of revamping the roads and sewage infrastructure in Banjul, the capital city. Haddim Gye is the contractor identified to handle the Banjul project. He is now a road financier according to the State House collaborators. A backdoor channel has been created to hide their get rich or die hustle game. 

Word from the Banjul City Council BCC intimated that Gye, who is a former patron of dictator Jammeh’s contracts to grab, is going to “pre-finance” the Banjul road project from his own pocket. What a joke. Adou Boy and his cabal thought that Gambians are stupid people. Gye is their front man to help over bill the state in the name of Banjul road network pre-financing. We are closely monitoring the story.

To start with, Haddim Gye doesn’t have the collateral to finance any road project in The Gambia. If he does, he could have sold the same project to the former Jammeh regime. But the thieves at the State House will never get it. They are too obvious in their quid pro quo deals.

The NDP funds have started trickling into the country. Now they want to transform the likes of Haddim Gye as road financiers.

Since the NDP funds are available, the financial hacks at the State House will discreetly use the local banks to loan Gye money as a pre-condition to fulfill their desire to steal from the NDP funds.

The regime could have hired a local or international contractor to handle the Banjul road and sewage project through an open competitive bidding invitation. But apparently it is trying to fool people by claiming that Haddim’s company is going to pre-finance the Banjul project.

Folks, the Banjul road and sewage project are going to be a total failure. It is going to be a substandard project.

Each time, you hear that a locally barely unknown company is going to pre-finance a road project, bear in mind that it is going to be one of those failed projects. This regime is not interested in quality projects. If it does, it would have availed reputable international companies to be able to bid for the contract. But that’s not the case.

The same Haddim Gye was awarded a contract in Banjul by Yahya Jammeh’s government some years ago. The late Lie Bah was the Mayor of Banjul at the time. He was contracted by the Brikama Area Council to construct roads in that municipality during Jammeh’s rule.

He reportedly encroached into a piece of land belonging to one Dr. Alamin, a Gambian Hydro mechanical engineer. The land in question is situated in Boneroad.

Dr. Alamin said he had the lease ownership documents of the said piece of land. Dr. Alamin has raised the issue with the current Mayoress  of Banjul Rohey Lowe.

Dr. Alamin was in exile in neighboring Senegal, when Haddim Gye purportedly acquired the said land. Dr. Alamin is not alone in this backdoor land repossession scandals. There are thousand of cases at the Lands Ministry. People’s lands have been illegally seized or sold during Jammeh’s regime.

There is a case involving one Lebanese businessman, we are investigating. His case could create violence in one community in the Kombos. He has the backing of the state. Land owners have been asked to vacate their properties in that region of The Gambia.

Haddim had a history of working with the BBC. We were told that the BCC is interested in the said piece of land at Boneroad.

The Gambia ports authority has now transformed Dr. Alamin’s land as a container assembling outlet.  Port officials said they had clearance from Haddim to use the said piece of land.

Haddim Gye resettled into The Gambia with his parents when he was around the age of four. He is a Senegalese by origin.

In another development, we have listened to Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe’s ” interview” with the Star FM radio. She has disclosed during that interview that Haddim Gye had been contracted to handle the Banjul road and sewage project. She also said Gye was going to pre-finance the project. She has denied BCC’s involvement in the said project.

Rohey Lowe sounded panic and guilty during that interview. She was apparently trying to exonerate herself and the Council from the blatant quid pro quo deal between the State House and the contractor.

She did not only openly disrespected the Star FM ” reporter” she was also very condescending throughout what I would called the chat she had with the “reporter.”

It is imperative for Adou Boy to note that: not everything that glitters is gold. Rohey Lowe has blown the whistle.

I want to believe that she was the one who invited the Star FM reporter just to clear her name. One could clearly tell that both her and the reporter were auditioning for a late evening movie. I heard the reporter telling her that how comes that she stayed too late at work. The “interview” was conducted in her office. This was after official hours. Rohey in response told the “reporter” that she sometimes stays in the office until 9:00 PM.

We want to thank Rohey Lowe for blowing the whistle on the State House thieves. Her conversation with the Star FM “reporter” speaks volume.

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