President Barrow Exemplify All What Has Led To Africa’s Underdevelopment And Backwardness

The some of the most pertinent issues raised by the Gambian community at large relates to concerns about the governance of the country…It is an understatement to say that Gambians generally have lost faith in government – and that is any government…They seem to view [the educated class] as untrustworthy, greedy, unreliable and without conscience…One even indicated that he does not trust his own educated sons because of how he has seen them amass their wealth. Some amongst them have even called for farmers to lead this country.” Mr Cherno Jallow, The Chairman of The Constitutional Review Commission’s countrywide listening tour remarked at recent news conference. 
I have lost faith in Barrow’s government because President Barrow continue to demonstrate that he has no conscience, is greedy , untrustworthy and unreliable. These characters have been the core of Jammeh’s Presidency and his administration for the 22 years of autocratic rule characterized by lawlessness and economic exploitation. Therefore, It is not a surprise that chairman Jallow indicated that majority of people are calling on “farmers to lead the country.”
When Gambian people voted for president Barrow, they expected him to be a type of leader who would scorn or despise Jammeh’s type of leadership. But this is not the case .The only difference between Barrow and Jammeh is that Barrow has not started killing Gambians yet but he would mostly likely do so when he is given second term. His association and embrace of people who enabled Jammeh for the past two decades is an indication that President Barrow is not only a disappointment but also a disaster in making if appropriate political measures and advocacy are not taken to change the current trajectory. He must be stopped. President Barrow is not intelligent enough to understand that Gambian people have repudiated the politics of past which led to two decades of corruption and massive economic exploitation. It was sheer greed and lack of conscience that led Jammeh to amass ill-gotten wealth which is currently under  investigation by commission of inquiry.
President Barrow’s sheer greed and lack of conscience is truly evidenced when he embarked on every single route Jammeh took to entrench himself in power. When we see people like Mamburry Njie , Momodou Tankara , Sabally , Seedy Njie , MA Bah and other unscrupulous citizens without conscience have become chief advisers to President Barrow then the Gambian people have every reason to lost faith in our government. President Barrow has the same character and temperament as these greedy , unreliable and untrustworthy political hacks who have nearly plunged the country into a civil war during political impasse.
Thus, it is disheartening to see President Barrow embrace greed , lack of conscience, unreliable and untrustworthy characters in the New Democratic dispensation we fought so hard to get . It is also equally nauseating and hemorrhagic to see him conniving with these people to betray the goals and aspirations of change Gambian people desperately yearned for when we defeated Africa’s worst dictator of the 21st century. It is this simple reason that We The Gambian people have lost faith in President Barrow and his cronies in the government. President Barrow exemplify all what has led to Africa’s underdevelopment and backwardness. Instead of hiring people with fresh ideas , genuine conscience, remarkable integrity and ethical principles, President Barrow hired thieves and wolfs in sheep clothing to do his bidding for self entrenchment in power. There are thousands of Gambians who could easily replace these greedy political hacks and put the country on sound economic, social and political footing for the next generations . We the people must continue to call on President Barrow to change his ways and resists any temptation of self perpetuating rule .
People of goodwill and patriotic citizens will never allow 22 years of selfishness, greed, lack of conscience, unreliability and untrustworthiness to become integral part of our new government daily functions. President Barrow must go back to key coalition agreements which served as bases for his presidency. His political life is on the line . The Gambia need new political leadership with intellectualism characterizes with clear vision and genuine desire to change the country’s political, social and economic conditions. President Barrow did not meet these  requirements and he needs to leave at the end of his term. In this 21st century, the country also needs leadership with superior moral values and character that would inspire citizenry to think about new dawn of economic development and social transformation. This is the way forward.
Thank you.
Written By Max Jarju
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