Dictator Yahya Jammeh was under the radar of Gambia’s intelligence during Jawara’s rule after reports had emerged that he (Jammeh) was working with the late Koukoi Samba Sanyang, Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) heard on Thursday. Jammeh  had also allegedly plotted to assassinate President Jawara, the Commission further heard. The revelation was made by former Army Captain and onetime ADC to President Jawara, Momodou Lamin Gassama.

Gassama says he was briefed by the late Daba Marena about Jammeh’s alleged subversive activities against the former President. He says he was also in touch with Turo Jawaneh, the former Commander of the Tactical Support Group in regards to Jammeh’s planned assassination of the former President Jawara.

The plot was orchestrated in 1994–the same year Saihou Sabally and co were implicated in an intelligence report authored by Samba Bah of the National Security Services, Gassama testified. He says he was also in touch with one Bakary Darboe of the NSS at the time.

Jammeh was at the time stationed at the State House. He was part of Jawara’s guards.

According to Gassama, the alleged rumor of Jammeh’s plot to kill Jawara, intensified days before President Jawara had embarked on his usual meet the farmers tour. Jammeh was part of the security entourage who escorted Jawara during that tour.

Gassama says he was told by Turo Jawaneh that former Gendamerie officer Alhagie Martin was assigned to keep an eye on Jammeh. Martin was a Sergeant at the material time. Martin was tasked by Turo to take on Jammeh in the event he wanted to execute the plot.

Gassama says he also ensured that he kept his eyes on Jammeh. He says Jammeh later confronted him during the tour and told him that he (Gassama) was a chameleon. He laughed off Jammeh’s remarks.

He added that he later heard that one Corporal Alieu Bah, AKA Boy Pullo, had suddenly dropped his pistol during the tour. What followed next, was for Bah to retire into the vehicle he was driving and later killed himself. Bah, he says, had committed suicide shortly after having lunch with his colleagues during the tour.

Jammeh was later moved from the State House after the meet the farmers tour. Months later, he conspired with Edward Singahteh and co to topple Jawara’s rule.

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