Fatoumatta: Pray for Her!


Fatoumatta: Pray for Her!

Alagi Yorro Jallow

Her first marriage to a white man was abusive and unpleasant. Philip claimed he loved her but robbed her of her abundant resources. She was glad to divorce him to marry one of her own kind. An adulterer and fornicator cannot send away his wife because of infidelity. Do you want her to be pure? Be pure yourself. She cannot be so, if you cannot.

Now on her 3rd marriage, her lot has not changed. Her husbands and the white man belonged to the same club. She a victim of surviving infidelity: Her husband’s infidelity destroyed her. There is nothing more wicked than sending away one’s wife because of adultery and fornication when one is himself guilty of infidelity. It is said. Whoever wishes to cast out his wife because of infidelity must first be purged of infidelity.

Their trend was the same. They all went announcing to the world her abundant resources, good virtues and invited men to come and explore her. They invited men into her bedroom to test for themselves her beauty and arable body contours. Even the Asian and Caucasians are guilty of attempted rape: Those that showed interest could rape her. Her savings accounts were emptied to feed these visitors. And when her children were old enough, they too joined in her abuse and continued rape and robbery. They took turns depleting her accounts. The little money she made was used to buy luxury goods from abroad and when money finished her drunk husband borrowed using her body as collateral. It was a miracle that the dreaded Ebola and HIV/ Aids had eluded her. How can a woman be so unfortunate? How can a devoted woman be subjected to constant rape and robbery from her husband and sons not counting strangers? Children of infidelity—how they hurt, and how they heal: Does a woman take his husband back after her penance for adultery?

Let’s join our hands and pray for her. Her 54 years of marriage have left her on the verge of insanity. If you take a wife, keep her as a wife. If you wish to find a certain quality in her, let her find that quality in you. What young men does not want, the wife he takes to be a chaste woman? If one takes a virgin, who does not want her to be untouched? Her name is………?

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