Gambia’s rookie President Adama Barrow often brags and takes credit for the country’s political change. But his Vice President and Women’s Affairs Minister Ousainou Darboe thinks that no one can claim credit for Gambia’s political change other than the late Solo Sandeng, a former official of the United Democratic Party. Sandeng was tortured to death by Jammeh’s security thugs at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) back in April of 2014. Darboe told his supporters at a political rally in Bakoteh over the weekend that Sandeng is the George Washington of The Gambia.

“There are people boasting and taking credit for the change that took place in 2016 in The Gambia. People often forget easily. They tend to forget the cause of the causes. The late Solo Sandeng was the primary cause for Gambia’s political change. Why beating your chest; taking credit of the change, and we all know that Solo Sandeng was the one behind the change that liberated The Gambia from dictatorship. Solo Sandeng’s spirit pushed us to demonstrate against the former Jammeh regime,” Darboe remarked in the local Mandinka dialect.

Mr. Darboe led a protest march in the aftermath of Sandeng’s arrest and subsequent murder. He was arrested together with his party’s Executive Members. Darboe and his co convicts stayed in jail until the change of government.

“If we had not demonstrated against the Jammeh regime, nobody was going to win the election, whoever you might be; nobody. We should all pay tribute to Solo Sandeng. We should all acknowledge Solo Sandeng’s supreme sacrifice to free this country. We cannot engage in self-glorification and forget Solo Sandeng. He was the cause for the change. We should acknowledge that; if we don’t then we are being ungrateful; then we are not being truthful to ourselves,” Darboe remarked.

Mr. Darboe also said the United Democratic Party will not lose any elections that is conducted in free, fair and transparent manner. He accused the former Jammeh government of rigging past elections to deny the UDP its electoral victory.

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