Happy 54th Independence Day to pretty little Gambia as a country but as a people, why do we have to celebrate Independence when our leaders are signing millions of dollars and yet:

1 – Our health care system is deteriorating.
2 – Our education system is struggling.
3 – Our agricultural production is decreasing.
4 – Our dependency on aids & grants is increasing.
5 – The poor are getting poorer.

– Are we really independent when even rice, the country’s staple food, is imported despite the fact that our land is fertile enough to feed the whole country?

– Are we really independent when we depend on the ex-colonial masters for vaccines and medicines when we want to prevent ourselves from vaccine-preventable diseases and the treatment of medical conditions respectively?

– Are we really independent when our leaders are running to the ex-colonial masters for foreign aids and grants?

As a country of about 2 million people, it’s important that we put aside our personal differences for a greater and more prosperous Gambia.

Slowly But Surely!

By: Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow

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