Dear Pa,

Those close associates of Yaya Jammeh who are have now become the staunchest supporters of Adama Barrow are refusing to submit the Asset Declaration forms handed to them by the Janneh Commission since October 2018. Their refusal is delaying the finalization of the commission report which should have been completed in January 2019.
The likes of Mambury Njie, Momodou Tangara, Alhagie Ceesay, M.A Bah et al. have deliberately ignored the deadline that was set to submit the forms handed to them and interestingly the commission members have failed to use legal measures available to them by the Act to get them to comply. it seems Barrow is refusing to intervene. These so-called enablers of  Jammeh naturally should not have  worked for this new government  pending the outcome of the commission report.
Unless they process all the completed forms from all those concerned they will be accused of bias if they decide to probe some  and leave the others. This type of selective justice is unacceptable. Those pretending to be closed to Adama Barrow to escape the clutches of the law must be made to account for their past reprehensible acts. The commission has to treat all respondent the same, no one should be above the law.
#CivIl Servants United  Against Graft And Corruption
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